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Day 41

This week, Isaac has been taking every opportunity to rest and heal. We are expecting lots of work ahead of us when we get to rehab, that we are taking advantage of this resting time. His care team is satisfied with the healing of his head wound from his bone replacement surgery. They plan to remove his stitches and bandages soon and it will be exciting to see Isaac's head back to a more normal state.

Isaac has been participating in standing exercises on a daily basis now. He still requires adequate assistance from his physical therapists but is able to bear weight for short periods of time. After 6 weeks in bed, these exercises are a small relief for Isaac.

Now on a medication regimen that is less sedating, Isaac has shown more ability to interact more with his family. He is returning kisses and making consistent eye contact when we talk to him. We think Isaac is remembering that he is a daddy with the help of his new daughter, Malia. When we lay Malia on chest, Isaac consistently reaches up with his left hand and “holds” her. He has even patted her back and rubbed her little hand.

One reason the bone replacement surgery was necessary, was to correct spinal fluid that has accumulated on the left side of his brain. Replacing the bone flap pushes the brain back into a normal position and assists the body to reabsorb that fluid. A scan was completed this week and there is an area that has not yet been reabsorbed. If the body does not correct the fluid pockets on its own, the fluid will need to be medically drained. Isaac will be scanned at a later time to ensure the fluid has resolved, if not they will need to complete a surgical procedure to drain the fluid.

We would also like to extend a thank you to those in the community that participated in the In Honor of Isaac Kolstad Blood Drive through the American Red Cross, that attended the Moondogs Baseball Game to support us, and to the individuals that have donated their services and skills to help our family in our time of need. We are so appreciative and are grateful to all that have and continue to contribute to Isaac's cause.

If you ordered a t-shirt through the Fastenal order (at or after the benefit), they are in and available for pick up at their Mankato store. We look forward to seeing you sport #22Strong!     

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suzanne okeefe
By Suzanne Johannes O'Keefe — last edited
Isaac, my brother was rescued from a burning vehicle last Sunday. While the car was in flames, he was trapped inside as the electrical system shut down and locked him inside the vehicle. A man, a hero, pulled the door frame off with his bare hands and pulled my brother to safety. A 30 second difference would have meant life or death. Like you, he is a father of a beautiful little girl and husband to a wonderful woman I'm proud to call my sister. The whole experience proves that miracles do happen. You are a miracle Issac. Your strength and loving family will help pull you through. I pray for the same good fortune for you and your family, as I say prayers of thanks that my brother's life was saved. God Bless you and your family!
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Rachel Peterson
By Rachel Peterson
Praying for Isaac and his family every day. Keep on fighting and recovering!
Carolyn Wilkins
By Doug Wilkins - Former USD Player with Blaine
Nice to hear the progress
Lois Vetter
By Lois Vetter
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Nathan Fuller
By Nate Fuller
Keep it up! Great seeing you and your wonderful family the other day! #22STRONG
Connie Davis
By Connie Davis
Keep on staying strong #22!! Praying for a full recovery for you. God is still doing miracles everyday. You have received some already. Love to you and all your family! XO
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Diane O'Dea
By Diane O'Dea
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Wendy, Ray, Nick & Lucas Coy
Hello.... we had seen the report on our Local News last night in the Twin Cities that Isaac has moved to a facility here to help him rehab. I didn't see anything posted so I wanted to check and make sure that is accurate. If so - is Isaac able to have visitors? My son Nick Coy who played with Isaac would like to visit him since we live in the Twin Cities. If that is possible could someone email us the information at my home email address: We want to respect his and the families privacy and If he is not able to have visitors just yet, that is understandable. We still continue to pray for him and your all in our thoughts and prayers.
The Coys
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john & carol giovinco
By john & carol giovinco
Good Morning Isaac!!:) With a new day here we are so hoping it will be a better one than are "on your way" to recovery!!:) KEEP FIGHTING, dear heart, you are an INSPIRATION to all!!!! GOD BLESS!
Carol & John G.
Tami Chmielewski
By Tami Chmielewski
So glad Issac is taking amazing steps toward recovery!!!! Curious if we can still order those shirts??!