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Day 17

Isaac continues to tolerate being off of the sedation medications and is doing well breathing on his own but still remains in a coma. He has been receiving high doses of pain and relaxant medications over the last week, which have been very helpful in keeping him calm and stable. This has allowed Isaac the much needed time to rest and heal. The swelling in Isaac’s brain has decreased even more and we are told by his physicians we are now “out of the woods” for needing additional brain surgeries to repair damage from the injuries or other post-operative complications he was at risk for, but thankfully avoided.
Miracles are truly happening. Every day we are seeing small signs of improvement, small victories of potential recovery. To put it into perspective, when Isaac arrived in the Emergency Room on the night of his injury the physician’s scored him according to the Glasgow Coma Scale. The scale is scored 3-15. That night, Isaac scored a 3. His neurosurgical team of Mayo Physicians, both here in Mankato and in Rochester who were working as a team for his case, informed us that through their experience and through outside research, 97% of cases that arrive with scores below 5 do not survive or are left in a vegetative state. There was little hope that he would make any type of recovery. But right now, our Isaac is in the 3%, he is surviving. We are so hopeful that Isaac will continue to heal, continue to show us that he is working so hard, and continue to beat the odds. The tremendous support and love, the so many people who have reached out to our families, the prayers and positive thoughts have truly gotten Isaac this far. We again, can never thank you enough, and please continue to think and pray for all of those involved, we truly believe it will get Isaac to the recovery he had so small of a chance of reaching.
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Christina Miller
By Christina Miller
Dear Isaac family,
You have come a no more fight please i will find out and no more upside with you girlfriend I will happy day please I will pray for you family and friend
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Heidi Schwartzbauer
By Heidi Schwartzbauer
Dear Isaac & family,
You have come a long way over the last few weeks. I hope and pray every day that Isaac continues to beat the odds and recover, so he can go home to be with his family.
#22strong #believeinmiracles

Love, Heidi Schwartzbauer & Nate Zender
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Bonnie Kremer
By Bonnie Kremer
We're All familiar with the "Footprints" pictures and postings all over :o) That was written in our Bible for times like this. Isaac is being carried now, until he can walk on his own. All these little positive changes showing up are ways of God telling you that He is Here! God Bless Isaac, Molly and the rest of the Kolstad family. Take Care and know that you are Not Alone.
Sheri Helgeson
By Sheri Helgeson
I believe in miracles. Stay strong Isaac, Molly and family. "Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10
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Leslie Martin
By Leslie Martin
As many others have said, what wonderful news. Isaac, his family, friends and community are not forgotten during these long days. The hearts of many are with you, though we have never met. In Judaism we wish for a "refuah shlemah," a complete healing of mind, body and spirit. That is what I wish you.
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Mark Larsen
By Mark Larsen
Great News! We will continue to pray for the best!
Lynn Klaber
By Lynn Klaber
Such good news! Of course, the prayers continue for healing and strength and patience. Every time I am stopped for a light or stop sign, I offer a quick prayer. There are a lot of stop signs and stop lights in Mankato! Hang in there; hugs!
Brenda Miller
By Brenda Miller
We continue to pray for all of you every day. May God bring you strength and courage. Love you..... Millers
Marci Greisen
By Marci Greisen
The latest post brought tears to my eyes! Praise God for healing!