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Day 13

Your prayers and positive thoughts have brought Isaac good days! Yesterday he was able to tolerate being off sedation for most of the day and today he was off of his sedation medications entirely. They also did a trial of being off the life support yesterday which he tolerated for a few hours. Today he has been off the life support and breathing on his own all day! It is such a relief to see Isaac relaxed today as the struggle for him to remain stable off of the sedation medications was incredibly emotional. At this time Isaac is no longer in a medically induced coma, but remains in a coma related to his brain injuries and damage. We truly believe the community coming together this week has impacted Isaac and our family is more ways than we could ever have imagined. Some one wrote to us on here about Isaac's 'marathon'. "The marathon is nothing more than a series of lots of sprints, combined with a lot of support, determination, and hope." With your support and positive hopes, Isaac will continue to overcome those series of sprints-which may be small accomplishments and day to day, but signs of recovery for our loving, caring, amazing husband, son, brother, friend, father, and teammate: Isaac. 
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John Smith
By -MSU Alumni
Shame on the people who are giving money this man! He threw the first punch!!! He asked for it. If you start a fight you should be prepared for the consequences. This makes me sick that people are supporting this man for the actions he made as an aggressive drunk! SHAME HIM. Nothing about Mankato's reaction to this makes me proud I went to school there!
Leah La Tour
By Leah La Tour
I just saw fox 9 news of the Mankato game! Isaac you are an amazing man with so many supporters! Molly said it best life can change in a moment! And right now the moment is you shining, you recovering from injustice and showing you truly are #22strong! I lift you up in prayers for continued recovery so you can return home to your family healed and whole!
Cindy Petree
By cindy
thumbs up to Isaac,great news
Lucy Goblirsch
By Lucy Goblirsch
Thoughts and prayers are going for continual improvements for recovery. God bless.
Wayn English
By Wayn
We are so glad to hear that Isaac has come off life support. While still a long road, it is good news. There is a special kind of spirit in the type of person it takes to play a linebacker. It's that spirit and determination of being that will drive him forward thru this time of healing.
john & carol giovinco
By john & carol giovinco
Dear Isaac, We are glad to hear you have made one step forward with getting off of the sedation medication now we will be PRAYING for another step towards recovery until you are back home with your family. Take care, dear heart, and GOD BLESS all!
Carol & John G.
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Jennifer Cleveland
By Jennifer Cleveland
Thanks be to God for the positive signs! I've heard that it's not always about the speed you sprint in a journey like this but the steady pace you keep in the marathon--kind of like the children's story about the tortoise and the hare. Slow and steady wins the race. Here's to hoping for more good news and a steady recovery.
Cindy Hicks
By Cindy Hicks
Th power of prayer is an amazing thing. I will continue praying for your recovery. God speed
Susan Santin
By Susan Santin
OMG ! To read such a possitive post is just amazing, Like wow !! Keep going Isaac !
connie remiger
Continued prayers for all. Good to hear the he is breathing on his own and W/O sedation. god is good!
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