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Day 11

On behalf of our entire family, we would like to thank Fastenal for putting together the event today for to you all who were able to come out and support us in this way. We know Isaac would be so impressed with his Blue Team in accomplishing such an incredible event today. The turn out was incredible!

We cannot begin to express our sincere gratitude to you all for the amazing efforts we’ve seen to help our family over these last two weeks.  It is simply astounding to see so many people – many we know and even some we don’t –come forth in so many different and creative ways to help out.  We are so humbled and very honored to live in such a wonderfully supportive community.  We truly thank you all.  

Isaac’s care team at Mayo Health Care System, have been a phenomenal source of comfort and stability for our family.  It has been amazing to watch them do everything possible to help Isaac continue his marathon. We are so lucky tohave this remarkable healthcare resource in our hometown. 

Isaac's medical care team have started making attempts to take Isaac off of his sedation medications. But due to his brain injuries, Isaac, has not been able to tolerate being out of the medically induced coma, requiring several medications to keep him stable and eventually the decision to resume the sedation medications. Being in a medically induced coma makes it difficult to assess Isaac's brain function. We will not be able to fully understand how much or what kind of brain damage Isaac sustained until he is able to tolerate being off sedation medications and his brain injuries have healed. Isaac was always a short distance runner, but the physicians have told us we are in for a marathon. Continue to pray that Isaac stays strong and keep up the positive thoughts and faith that Isaac will tackle this marathon.

Stay #22 Strong!

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Pam Hoyt
By Pam Hoyt
Tracy Day
By Tracy and Gary Day
It is amazing to see our community come together for Isaac and his family. This is surely a testament to Isaac. He is an amazing person and has a wonderful family. We are thinking of you all every day and praying for Isaac's recovery.
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Christi Larson
By Christi Larson
Get better, get stronger, pray.
God will get us through everything. ♥
Clarice Chikazawa
Continuing to pray for Isaac's recovery and peace for all of you.
Lynn Klaber
By Lynn Klaber
The benefit was an amazing show of the support Isaac and the Kolstad family have in our community - and beyond. It brought tears to my eyes seeing so many people and knowing there are multitudes of prayers for strength and healing for Isaac and your family. Know you are loved, thought of often and prayed for even more.
carol williams
By carol williams
Dear Isaac's Family,

I am a retired school teacher in Kingsport, Tennessee. I have been following your story. Know that all of you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. What a beautiful family you all have. We in this area are lifting you all up in prayer daily. God is the Great Physician and I pray He works a miracle for you all. LOVE IN CHRIST..........Carol Williams
suzanne Herder
By Sister Suzanne Herder, CSJ
I am praying for Issac and his family. May you all find courage and strength.
Stephanie Miller
Isaac & family,
I picked up my #22strong t-shirt last night at the benefit. I got there early for fear of missing out. I have big plans for that shirt. It's going to be my run shirt for the half marathon that I'm running in Deadwood, SD on June 1st.

I figured this was a fitting story given the comparison to the marathon ahead of Isaac. You see, Isaac, the marathon is nothing more than a series of lots of sprints, combined with a lot of support, determination and hope. While I don't know you personally, I know that you and your family have what it takes to conquer this marathon.

Know that you will all be on my mind on marathon day and I will be collecting prayers and sharing your story.
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Heidi St. Peter
By Heidi St. Peter
Isaac and family yesterday's benefit brought me to tears more than once..I was overwhelmed, amazed and touched by how our community can rally in times of need. God bless all of you...continued prayers for healing strength...
Kathy Bade
By Kathy Bade
My prayers continue for Isaac's recovery and positive healing. I pray for his family as well to have the strength to endure this terrible time.