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Update on Isaac's Condition

Isaac remains in critical condition at Mayo Clinic Health System in Mankato.

Due to the injuries Isaac sustained early last Sunday morning, his brain had severe bruising and swelling, increasing the pressure within his skull to life-threatening levels. In order to relieve the swelling, he required emergency surgery on his brain early Tuesday morning. Isaac had a significant amount of his brain tissue that was no longer viable removed during that procedure.

Even though the surgery was successful, the swelling in Isaac’s brain remains significant; leaving him at high risk for further injury and potentially additional surgical procedures. Isaac’s lungs also sustained severe injury, resulting in the inability to breathe on his own. He also sustained a lack of oxygen to his brain.

Isaac continues to be in a medically induced coma, utilizing life support to keep him breathing. Yesterday, Friday, May 16, Isaac underwent his second major surgery, a Tracheotomy operation. This helps manage his breathing while on life support.

Isaac’s care team of neurosurgeons, physicians, nurses, therapists and others are doing everything they possibly can each day to keep Isaac alive and fighting. We are blessed to have Mayo Clinic care so close to home for Isaac. There is no doubt in our minds he is receiving the very best care available.

We want to thank everyone for their support and ongoing efforts to help our family. We cannot begin to express our gratitude. As Mankato natives, we are so proud of our community and are incredibly inspired by the things going on around us. Your continued prayers and encouragement are needed and greatly appreciated.

We would ask members of the news media and others to continue to respect our request and need for privacy at this time.  We have requested that no further information (beyond his medical condition) be released.  Thank you for your understanding and continued thoughts and prayers for Isaac, our family and all others who are involved in this situation.

The Kolstad Family


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Jill Helling
By Jill Helling
Isaac and family, We continue to pray and pray and pray. Seeing all the #22STRONG tee shirts, posters, and decals lets us know how much you are all loved and that God is near. Stay strong. Chuck and Jill
Kevin Schulz
By Kevin and Carol Schulz
Thoughts and prayers continue to flow from our family to yours.
Julie Evers
By Julie Evers
I will pray daily for healing powers for Isaac and God's love surrounding his family during this time.
Sharon Engen
By Sharon Engen
Positive thoughts going your way! As I said before, the brain is capable of miracles.
Vickie Busch
By Vickie Busch
Isaac is always in my thoughts and prayers. As are you all. God bless you!
Carrie Petersen
By ~Bob and Carrie Petersen, Kasi and Khrystjan
Sending constant thoughts and prayers to you all.
Cathy Stien
Continued prayers, caring thoughts, and blessings to all.

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Tyra Witt
By Tyra and Larry
Keep fighting Isaac, we love you and your family sooo much
Montana Fresh
Montana Fresh