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Day Six

Isaac had his surgery this morning and it went as planned. His condition remains critical. There are no planned procedures/surgeries over the next couple of days. An uneventful weekend will be good!  Please keep him in your thoughts.

We ask that you continue to pray for Isaac and all of those involved.

Mankato East Students gathered on their football field Wednesday to pose for this very cool picture! Isaac wore #22 jersey during high school football as a Cougar and during his college football career with the Minnesota State University Mankato Mavericks.

Read/Share the article and our hashtag #22strong.

The Kolstad’s

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Lloyd Deb Wegler
By Lloyd Deb Wegler
Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. May you have a healing peaceful weekend.
Martha Wildeman
By Martha Wildeman
Thank you for the update. Isaac and your entire family have been in our thoughts and prayers constantly during this past week! We are hopeful for some encouraging news very soon. Martha and Dave
Charyl Korpal
By Charyl Korpal
Thanking God for carrying you through the last 7 days. Praying for continued strength, courage, physical and emotional healing. Praying for the hosptial staff that they will have the knowledge to offer outstanding and compassionate care for Isaac and his family. Praying for those involved with the benefit and those who are contributing. You remain in the hearts and prayers of Thousands. God hear our prayer.
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Bonnie Kremer
By Bonnie Kremer
We love hearing about "progress". That means that the body is trying to heal and with God's help, Isaac will be back. If you let it, the brain can do amazing things. God Bless Isaac with one of Your Miracles because there are a lot of people watching.
john & carol giovinco
By john & carol giovinco
Isaac, We are glad to hear your procedure went as we will wait for GOD'S next MIRACLE to get you closer to recovery. Keep fighting, dear heart, you will beat this challenge....GOD BLESS all!!!
LOVE & PRAYERS for all~
Carol & John G.
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Rick Oberle
By Rick Oberle
Continued thoughts and and prayers to you and your entire family.
Susan Santin
By Susan Santin
One day closer to recovery ! You can do this Isaac!!! Many prayers
Kathy Dierks
By Kathy Dierks
We have #22 Strong placard in our window, and our thoughts and prayers continue for Isaac and his family. Gary and Kathy Dierks