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Day Five

Our family continues to be overwhelmed by the support from our Mankato community and around the world! One example of this is Isaac's employer, Fastenal. They are hosting a silent auction and free will dinner on Thursday, May 22, 2014, 4 - 7 PM. See Flyer. If any of you want to donate an item to the silent auction, please contact Fastenal directly at 507-388-6400. Thank you so much for your prayers, concern, and generous donations.

Today, Isaac remains in critical condition.He had a procedure this afternoon and it went well.
Isaac will be having a planned operation tomorrow morning. Please keep him in your thoughts.

We ask that you continue to pray for Isaac and all of those involved. 

Fastenal Information
150 Pauley Way
Mankato, MN 56001

Phone: 507-388-6400

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Kathy Bade
By Kathy Bade
Been praying for a good recovery and the strength for all of you to get through this
Geri Friedmann
By Geri Friedmann
Dear Isaac , I wish you well . You and your loving family are in my thoughts and prayers,daily. God speed
Kathy Frederickson
Dear Kolstad Family, You are all in our thoughts and prayers. May God give you all strength in the days ahead. You sit right in front of us in church every Sunday and it has been so wonderful to see Isaac and his wife's little girl grow and the closeness you share as a family. She is an adorable little girl and, along with the new baby, will be the determination Isaac needs to get better, along with the support of his whole family. God Bless, Kathy Frederickson & Terry Wolf
Todd Gabrielson
By Todd Gabrielson
To the Kolstad family I want you know that I am praying for him. Although we cannot turn time back and go to our loved one and encourage them to take a different route we do have a living and breathing Savior that will work in the hands and feet of highly skilled specialist to bring healing to him. All things are possible through Christ. Hang in there!
Ann Sherman
By Ann-Palisade, MN
Prayers for strength and healing for Isaac, prayers for strength and fortitude for his family- I'm just SO sorry your family is going through this!
Rick Bowers
By Rick Bowers
I'm praying for you my brother. I'm believing for God to raise you up from that bed into a total and complete recovery. It saddens me to see you in this state . There's to much hate in this world and disregard for humanity. We need God back in our lives and our country. I love you my brother and I pray also for God to comfort your beautiful family and give them his perfect peace. I suffer with you my friend.
Lori Sampson
By Lori Sampson
Continued Prayers
Dean Kyriacou
By With All Our Love, Faith, and Prayers - Dean, Adriana, Matthew, & Alexander
We have never met and I have noticed several like myself who have prayed day and night since hearing of the horrifics related to Isaac and the family's ordeal. Our hearts are broken. My family and I have been praying for Isaac to make a full recovery to where he was prior to this tragedy. God is good and has risen the dead, healed the sick, and nurtured the lame. With all the faith and belief within the Makato community and throughout the world, I trust God's miraculous powers and believe Isaac will return to his role as a loving father and husband to his beautiful family. We are sending all our love, thoughts, and prayers your way from New Jersey. May God bless you all with love and health always.
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Jackie Lemke
By The Lemkes #22Strong
Dear Kolstad family, You are on our hearts and in our minds many times every day...and at those times, we lift up another prayer that, God willing, Isaac can make steady progress toward healing and an abundant life on this side of heaven. While we do not know your journey, when circumstances seem so sad and overwhelming for us--as they still do at times--Dan, Kjersten, and I remind ourselves of God's character--that He is good, He is love, He is hope, He is just...and we lean on His promises--I am FOR you; I am with you; I will provide for you; I will strengthen you; I will give you rest; I love you... Knowing that Almighty God--Creator of all good things--chooses to be in YOUR corner bring you hope and comfort today.
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