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Day Four

A YouCaring site has also been set up to help the Isaac, Molly & Haidyn Kolstad. Please do what you can to support this young wonderful family during this difficult time.

Isaac remains in critical condition.

Please keep Isaac and all those involved in your prayers.
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Kathy Geyer
By Kathy Geyer
The Geyer family is praying for Isaac, and the Kolstad family.
Geri Bublitz
By Ralph & Geri Bublitz
Our hearts go out to all the family members. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. God bless.
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Rachel Peterson
By Rachel Peterson
Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Keep up the faith.
Casey Boe
By Casey Boe
Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. May God Bless all of you.
Jasmin Bohnert
By Jasmin
Our hopes and prayers are strong. Isaac will get through this. Keeping faith and thoughts for you, Isaac and the whole family. God Bless.
Linda Van Slyke
By Linda Van Slyke
I think of you often throughout these days and pray for God to work his miracle in you.
Connie Davis
By Connie Davis
Dear Jesus, you are the Great Physician, You can Heal and restore Isaac. Lord asking that you would touch him and heal him, in Jesus Name, Amen.
Susan Quandt
By Susan Quandt
To all of the Kolstad family. Isaac and all of you are in my thoughts and prayers. I know you only a little bit thru my brother, David and niece, Savannah. I can tell you all have very strong faith and are a very beautiful family and my heart goes out to all of you. Be strong and always keep the faith. It looks like there are so very many wonderful people praying for Isaac to heal. He WILL get better!! Prayer is a powerful thing!! May the Lord be with you all and keep you in his loving arms!
denise solis
By denise Neuenfeldt solis
Blain and Teresa,I am so pleased to hear that they removed part of his crane so it relieves his pressure, Isaac is A very strong person, he will come through this , I have Faith, it is a long Journey, but he will be ok. I Pray every day I hear that he is doing a little better, don't let any thing hold you back, keep talking to him, let him know what is going on around him,at home in the community, with sports and what is going on with his children and wife. He can hear you know matter if he is in a induced coma, let him know your there, I know he will make, my friend Shawn did,
Dear Lord , help this Family that I have been friends since my high school years get through the hardest part of Isaac Journey, let them know it's ok ,and Isaac is in the best hands with Neuro surgeons there at Mankato , and the nurses are taken the best care of him , let them know this is the beginning of his long journey. Dear Lord, I pray in Jesus Name. ,AMEN
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Dan Quame
By Dan Quame and Family
Isaac, you and your family continue to be in our prayers.