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Day Three

Isaac had surgery early this morning. It went well. Isaac remains in critical condition.
Please keep Isaac and all involved in your prayers.
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charmaine Jans
By charmaine Jans
Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers..
Lisa Miest
Blaine, Teresa & Family:

Praying, praying, praying - for God's healing touch.
Keith Pletcher
By Keith Pletcher
PTL!!!!!!!!! that surgery went well. Know that is a relief - but, sooo much more to come - one hurdle at a time - praying Isaac through each one. Monica and Keith
Linda Sandberg
We will send extra prayers. I know how extremely difficult the waiting is. Every minute that he is still here is a blessing, but wanting to know for sure he will be okay is hard to be patient for. We hope knowing that there are a ton of people hoping and praying for you all will give you some peace during this ordeal.

Mark & Linda Sandberg
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Charyl Korpal
By Charyl Korpal
Thank you for the up-date...praying.
Kari Fossen
Prayers to Isaac and all of the Kolstad family.
Cindy Dahlgren
By Cindy Dahlgren
Continued prayers for you all.