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Day Three

Isaac had surgery early this morning. It went well. Isaac remains in critical condition.
Please keep Isaac and all involved in your prayers.
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Terri Kircher
By Mike and Terri Kircher
Keeping Isaac in our thoughts and prayers, as well as the rest of the Kolstad & Schmidt families.
Jenny Elness
By Jenny Elness
Praying for Isaac and the family. Sending Teresa and Blaine lots of hugs as well.
Sharon Euerle
By Sharon Euerle
Blaine and Theresa--My thoughts and prayers are with you and with your entire family. Praying and hoping the best for Isaac.
Dawn Maiers
By Dawn Maiers
This breaks my heart to hear of this pain your family is having to go through. I do know this pain you are feeling and prayer is so so powerful.
Lifting you up in prayer at this very difficult time. May His healing arms surround Isaac and your family and carry you at this very difficult time.
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Maria Donahue
By Maria Donahue
All my love and prayers being sent to you all Isaac is a wonderful young man God please hold Isaac in the palm of your hand and help him through this
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Teri Shary
By Teri Shary
I want to say Thank you for taking time away from ur family to keep all of us up dated on Isaac. God Bless you & your family.. And know that this community is with our family all the way..
Kim Anderson
By Kim Anderson
I am praying for strength for the Kolstad family, and for the skill of the doctors to provide the best care they are able to. My you find strength in the large commuity behind you praying for you, even those you have never met. Some day young people will realize that alcohol is dangerous and it can make you do harmful things. I pray for you to see some positive changes in recovery. Gods Blessings to all of you
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Norma Bergeson
By Norma Bergeson
I am praying for the doctors and nurses for guidance and strength to give you the best chance for healing from your complex medical needs.
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daryl stepan
By daryl stepan
Mr. Alcohol, one of the evil ones' most powerful tools, rears it's ugly head once again. When will people finally understand this??
Wendy, Ray, Nick & Lucas Coy
These are the times where you pray harder and more than you ever have before all day and night. I hope the Kolstad family can take solice in all the support and prayers and know you're not alone in this. We will continue to pray. The Coy Family ~ Nick, Wendy, Ray and Lucas.