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Day Three

Isaac had surgery early this morning. It went well. Isaac remains in critical condition.
Please keep Isaac and all involved in your prayers.
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Ryan Dusek
By Ryan Dusek
Hey my prayers are constantly with u I'm having trouble thinking of anything else besides issac and if he's gonna be OK.i been praying to god telling him I know evil won that night but we can still win the war , Ive been challenging god to make an example of no matter what good always wins over evil. Thoughts and prayers from my mom and family as well. Try and stay positive. it's fact that positive thought is 1000% more powerful than a negative. Love u guys and god bless
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Stacy Berry
By Stacy Ackland Berry
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Sharon Bornholdt
By Bornholdt's
Always in our thoughts and prayers -daily. Stay strong
Rana Thomas
I know exactly how scary these times are for his friends & family. We just went thru this with my family member. Thoughts & prayers for knowledge, strength, & healing.
john & carol giovinco
Isaac, We are FERVENTLY PRAYING for you and your family. We are hoping for the best for you, dear heart, what a tragic situation for all of you...keep fighting, isaac, GOD'S MIRACLES happen 24/7.....we are now on GOD'S time clock. GOD BLESS all!
Carol & John G.
Jody Anderson
By jody and matt anderson
we may not know isaac personally, but what happened to him was unspeakable. we will keep isaac, his family, the kolstads and schmidt families in our prayers
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Holly Zahasky
By Holly Zahasky
Prayers for Isaac and his family!! Glad to hear that his surgery went well and hopefully and good recovery can come of this as well. Much love sent your way!
Lori Sampson
By Lori Sampson
Prayers for Isaac and his family. I live in Oklahoma and just heard about Isaac's situation today. Prayers for healing. Much Love!!
Terri DiNardo
By Terri DiNardo, chicago, IL
I have never met Isaac or your family, I am following story as a Big Ten fan. I feel just terrible for Isaac and your family. I can only pray for you and lift you up to God, that is all I can do. I will keep reading all I can and keep checking Caring Bridge for your progress. Don't lose the FAITH!
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Greg H
By Greg H & Annie V - Prescott WI
Prayers sent to the Kolstad family