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Day Three

Isaac had surgery early this morning. It went well. Isaac remains in critical condition.
Please keep Isaac and all involved in your prayers.
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heidi peterson
By heidi peterson
Praying for your family!!
Jon Goplin
By Jon Goplin
Praying for Issac very tragic what happened
Rox Gosson
By Love, the Gosson Family
You can do this Isaac! Still praying...
Shannon T.
By Shannon Teigen
Keep fighting Isaac. So many people are praying for you and your beautiful wife and children. I am sorry beyond words that something so senseless and tragic has happened to you. You are in our prayers.
hollie kennedy
By hollie kennedy
Prayers for Isaac and his family. Stay strong Issac draw strength from the love that surrounds you.
michele allure
By Michele A
Constant prayers go out to Isaac and his family . God bless you all . I will continue to pray for better days.
Tom Holmes
By Tom Holmes
I will pray for him and his family. God does provide miracles. He will make it through this crisis.
Kabba & Kari Nyassie
By Kabba & Kari Nyassie
Kari and Kabba are Mom and Step-Dad to Ray Teachout and Know Rayjon has been prayerful for you also! May God give you all peace and healing
Kabba & Kari Nyassie
We are praying for you to pull through Isaac!!! We also pray for all involved, family, friends and all! May God bring strength, healing and knowledge to those involved and for those professionals caring for you all!!! God Bless, Kari & Kabba Nyassie
Mary Burr
We don't know Isaac but we know his aunt and uncle...Tom and Anna Marie. We know you are a very strong young man Isaac, and there are so many people who cherish you and your family. We don't know you but we love you and we believe in your strength. We will be flooding the gates of heaven with a multitude of prayers because we KN0W that prayers work. Stay strong are loved...Joe and Mary Burr - Blooming Prairie..
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