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Day Three

Isaac had surgery early this morning. It went well. Isaac remains in critical condition.
Please keep Isaac and all involved in your prayers.
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Rob Wilkins
By Rob Wilkins
My prayers are with all of the Kolstad Family and Friends.
LuAnne and Larry Huber
By Larry and LuAnne Huber
Our prayers continue to be with your family, we too have been in your shoes. It is such a long road to challenge, we pray you get the opportunity to do it together again soon. These senseless crimes make me so angry....I wish someone would look deeper into the whys people do these things. I would bet you would find they were mixing their drinks with Red Bull. I have had 2 very good friends suffer from men mixing red bull and vodka. I thought they should of went after Red Bull but know one ever investigates this issue. Anyway back to your pain....We will continue to pray for who all and that daddy will be home for that new little one to arrive. My husband worked at UMW when his mom was going to school there. Feeling your pain and despair. God listens!
Jennifer Beckenbach
By Jennifer Beckenbach
Many prayers to you and your family
diane peppin
By diane peppin
Praying for Isaac and his family so sad
Char Smith
Praying for Isaac and his family.
MissJennifer's Sweettreats
By MissJennifer's Sweettreats
Still praying for you all.
jill anderson
By jill anderson — last edited
My prayers are with your whole family. Isaac is in good hands with Dr. Canella. I recently had brain surgery due to a tumor and Dr. Canella was the surgeon with Dr. Sharma assisting. I have nothing but good things to say about both of the surgeons. Highly skilled and intelligent surgeons. Dr. Canella has been a surgeon for 30 years. He is constantly working with his colleges from Rochester. I will continue to pray for Isaac's recovery. The power of prayer is a beautiful and powerful thing. You've got a lot of people praying for everyone involved. Continued prayers and I lookforward to attending the benefit next week
Stacy Ratliff
By Stacy Ratliff
I've been praying for you and you family. May God give you all the strength that you need.
Cindy Cox
By The Cox Family — last edited
Our thoughts and prayers are with all you during this difficult time. We are praying for complete healing for Isaac--and that he will walk out of this hospital very soon. We are praying for comfort and peace for all of the families involved.
David Coffey
By David Coffey
Praying for you and your family.