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Day Two

Isaac remains in critical condition. 
Please keep Isaac and all those involved in your prayers.
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Shirley Doffing
By Shirley Doffing
I will be praying for a complete healing for Issac, and also praying for your family. May God grant you his strength and fill you with hope. May the Holy Spirit fill your hearts with his with his peace.
Diann Brooks
By Diann Brooks
God's Blessings to everyone. May the Holy Spirit send you strength to help everyone through this difficult time.
rick sinkel
By Rick Sinkel
I pray god grants you the strength your family now needs. And the full healing we are all hoping for.
I am so sorry you have to go through this. Just so sorry...
Paul Smith
By Paul Smith
Be strong Kolstad family! You are in our thoughts and prayers! God is with you.
vicki hendley
By vicki hendley
sending prayers!!
Todd Gabrielson
By Todd Gabrielson
Just wanted you to know that we are praying for Isaac's full recovery
Tom Ritten
By Tom Ritten
Your family is in our prayers. We are so sorry to hear about this tragedy. Praying for Blaine ' recovery and justice.
Ann Enge
By Ann.Probach-Enge
Your family has been on my mind since I found out. Prayers to your whole family.
Amanda Klanderman
By Amanda Klanderman
Prayers for Isaac, his family and the medical staff.
Kim Dehen
By Kim Dehen
Thanks for the update. Keep the faith. As part of your Midwest Wireless & Holy Rosary families - please know you have all kinds of prayers and positive vibes flowing your way - constantly.
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