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Day Two

Isaac remains in critical condition. 
Please keep Isaac and all those involved in your prayers.
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Joni Janovsky
By Joni Janovsky
Isaac and your family are in our prayers.
Julie schmillen
By Rob & Julie Schmillen
Our thoughts and prayers are with Isaac and your family. May God bless you all.
Jane Kirkholm
By jane kirkholm
I wish for God to hold you tight while you battle back.
Danielle Larson
By Danielle (Lenz) Larson
We are sending prayers of healing to you Isaac and prayers of strength to all of your family! We will keep you in our prayers in all the days to come, god bless!
By PAM OLSON — last edited
My thoughts and prayers are with you all..... God Bless!
Julie Wigersma
By Julie Wigersma
Kolstad family you are in our thoughts and prayers. Isaac can do it I know he can!
gayle cook
By gayhle cook
Do not know you guys but through the media. I will keep Isaac and all involved in my prayers. Thanks for sharing. The power of prayer is strong and there is strength in numbers.
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Jodi Egeland
By Jeff and Jodi (Bloomquist) Egeland and family
Prayers for healing and comfort for your family! We know your family from St. James, North Mankato Holy Rosary and MSU!
Lynn Klaber
By Lynn Klaber
Praying for healing and strength; stay strong and know there is much love and support for Isaac, Molly and family.
Diane Aden
By Diane Aden
Continuous prayers offered up for Isaac and your whole family! God hears ALL the prayers, and there is nothing more powerful than that!! Hugs to all of you!