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Day Two

Isaac remains in critical condition. 
Please keep Isaac and all those involved in your prayers.
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Connie Davis
By Connie Davis
Praying for a miracle. So in shock I am at a loss for words. Love to all of you.
kris kahler
By kris kahler
Prayers being sent for Isaac and all of your family. Makes me so sad.
Jenni Rorick
By Jenni Rorick
God is strong when we are weak. Praying for Isaac and his family in this senseless tragedy. God will prevail and bring good during this difficult time.
kim barnes
By kim barnes
Blaine and family. .. many, many prayers for you and your family. God is at your side right now and he is currently holding Issac. Just continue to hold on to your faith. Trust in our God.
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Tim McCabe
Blaine & family - Our thoughts & prayers are with you.
Ann Salaski
By Pat and Ann (Qualley) Salaski
Blaine, Teresa and family,

We have been praying for Isaac and your family ever since Dustin told us about this yesterday. We're sorry you all have to go through this and will continue to keep Isaac and your family in our prayers.
Samantha Hartman
I was heart broken to hear this story. As a mother of two who is almost due with the third, I just can't even imagine what Isaac's family is going through right now, let alone everything he is going through. Pull through this, Isaac, for your wife, your daughter, and soon-to-be second child. Prayers are being sent!
Angela Timmons
By The Timmons Family
Prayers from Ohio for Isaac and his family!
Lori Reichel
By Lori Reichel
I'm so incredibly sorry to hear about Isacc, I don't know him but I feel for his family an friends!! Keep up the good fight Isacc you have an enormous support system behind you!! You got this Isacc!!
Tanya Jones
By Kevin and Tanya Jones
Thinking and praying for the entire Kolstad family!