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Day One

Isaac suffered a severe head injury early this morning. He is currently in Critical condition and fighting for his life. He is young and strong, but the battle he has in front of him is enormous. We do not yet know the full extent of his injuries. He is very sick. Please pray for Isaac and all of those involved.
The Kolstad's
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MissJennifer's Sweettreats
By MissJennifer's Sweettreats
I'm praying for him and his entire family, hugs to you all.
Connie Lee
By Connie Lee
This is so heartbreaking. Our thoughts and prayers goes out to Isaac for complete healing and peace for the whole Kolstad family. Gods blessings to you all!
Maggie Lorbetske
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family! Do not stop fighting...there are people all over who do not know you that are rooting for your recovery!
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Kay Ekenstedt
By Kay Ekenstedt
So very sad to hear about Isaac. I am praying that God will hold Isaac and all his family tightly in His loving arms and that He will grant hope, strength, healing, and the peace that He alone can give to all. Take care and God bless.
Sara Ita
By Sara Ita
God bless this family
Bonnie Torgerson
By Bonnie Torgerson
Prayers to you Issac!
Barb Nielsen
Very saddened by this story - my heart goes out to Isaac and his family
Greg von der Lippe
By Greg von der Lippe
So saddened by this, praying for Isaac and the family.
Mike Kayser
By Mike Kayser
Praying for your family and a speedy recovery. As a Mankato alum, this senseless tragedy hits close to home. God is good, and hopefully a miracle comes your way soon.

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Kelly Hiatt
By Kelly Hiatt
Thoughts and Prayers coming your way for Isaac and his family. #22Strong