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Isaac’s Story

Isaac Kolstad, was assaulted May 11, 2014.  Isaac suffered critical brain injuries and was not expected to live. He was on life support for many days. He had less than a 3% chance of ever waking up and a horrible prognosis if he did survive. He had multiple surgeries and procedures that included removing his skull, (his skull was stored in his abdominal cavity for weeks to be replaced later) and removing a significant amount of brain tissue. Isaac was in a coma for 17 days, in Mayo Clinic Mankato ICU for 6 weeks, in Bethesda Rehabilitation Hospital for 4 weeks, and was an inpatient at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute for 4 months. Over the course of the last year he has been relearning everything, with the majority of that time being spent at Courage Kenny in Minneapolis, MN.  One year after his injury, Isaac continues with outpatient therapy at Courage Kenny and will for many more months to come. Please pray for Isaac and all of those involved.
The Kolstad's

Isaac’s survival and recovery video is now available to view. Coast 22 Coast is raising funds to improve the quality of life for others like Isaac that have suffered horrific injuries. This fundraiser is NOT for Isaac. Many of the things you see Isaac do in this video were NOT covered by insurance.  Coast 22 Coast will use the funds raised to help others get the care they need.

Latest Journal Update

Coast 22 Coast

Abe, biker, Blaine, driver

Abe, biker, Blaine, driver

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On May 21st, just after the one year anniversary of Isaac's injury, Isaac's brother Abe stuck the back wheel of his tire into the Pacific Coast in Oregon to start his journey of biking across the USA over this summer to raise money to help others improve their quality of life. Today he made it through his first state, Oregon! Abe's fundraiser is called Coast 22 Coast. Everyone during the past year has been so helpful to our family. Now it is our turn to pay a little back. During this past year we have met many families with horrible stories like ours. Many of these families didn't have the type of support we had. The plan is to take the money raised by Coast 22 Coast and give the money to organizations that are near and dear to us, like Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute and their clients. Isaac spent 4 months inpatient at Courage Kenny and still attends outpatient 3 times a week at Courage Kenny for rehabilitation related to his brain injury. Courage Kenny has many resources for the tremendous amount of clients they serve and the Coast 22 Coast's goal is to raise $40,000+. Coast 22 Coast needs your help! Courage Kenny is just one example of an organization that benefits from Coast 22 Coast's fundraising efforts. 

Abe has a fundraising site set up.
You will also be able to follow his progress across the USA at the Coast 22 Coast site. Thanks for any support you can provide to improve the quality of life for others impacted by brain and spinal cord injuries.

Isaac's family released a video of Isaac's survival and recovery from day 1 until now. Please take some time to watch this amazing video. It is 17 minutes long and will show you how Isaac progressed in the last year.
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Candie Weadock
By Candie Weadock
How is he doing?
john & carol giovinco
By john & carol giovinco
Hi Isaac, Molly, Girls, and Family!!!:) We want to wish you a HAPPY 4th of July filled with lots of good food and tons of FUN!!!!!!:):) GOD BLESS AMERICA!!
Carol & John G.
Michelle Stennes
By Michelle Stennes
I was amazed when I watched your recovery video! God is good!!! Sending love and prayers to you and your family, Isaac.
Wayn English
By Wayn
Thanks for sharing. I'm not an overly emotional guy, but when I see and read this it brings tears of joy. I have been following since Day 1 and thank you for continuing to share this miracle. Keep going.
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john & carol giovinco
By john & carol giovinco
Hi Isaac, Molly, and Girls, It was so nice to see your name "pop up" for the update!!!:) We are so glad to hear everything is going well and BEST of LUCK to Abe on his venture!! I watched the video and one words says it all "A-W-E-S-O-M-E" and you fit the word MIRACLE perfectly, Isaac!!!!:) Keep going STRONG, dear heart, you are WINNING this challenge!!!!!:) GOD BLESS all!
Carol & John G.
Greg von der Lippe
By Greg von der Lippe
Keep getting better Isaac! You are an inspiration!
Geri Friedmann
By Geri from Jersey
God Bless you Isaac ! You are truly an inspiration to others, on your long and 22 strong journey.
Rachel Peterson
By Rachel Peterson
Isaac, you and your entire family are amazing and inspiring. I've followed you since the beginning even though we have never met. Molly has been so positive and caring. You are a beautiful team.
I was visiting relatives in Mankato May 9th and would have attended if I had read the posting before it happened! I will be sharing this information and following your brother's bike trip all the way. Keep moving forward 22 STRONG! Bless you and your entire family. You have made the best of a terrible assault. Hoping justice will be served.
hollie kennedy
By Hollie kennedy
Amazing journey you have made Isaac. Thank you from my heart for sharing your journey. I have never met you and yet I feel as if I have shared your journey. I prayed for you and your family all along the way. You are an amazing young man. I wish you only the very best life has for you and your family. Stay strong #22
cindy ryker
By Cindy Ryker
Amazing Isaac. Thanks for sharing your video. You are truly an inspiration for all. God is good. Stay strong 22.