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Isaac’s Story

Isaac suffered a severe head injury early in the morning on 5/11/14. He is currently in Critical condition and fighting for his life. He is young and strong, but the battle he has in front of him is enormous. We do not yet know the full extent of his injuries. He is very sick. Please pray for Isaac and all of those involved.
The Kolstad's

Latest Journal Update

Outpatient week 1

Isaac with his mitt on at CIMT
Isaac with his mitt on at CIMT
We had our first weekend at home together as a family! I wish I could say we did something totally crazy and spontaneous, but we took the opportunity to relax with family and close friends. That in itself was amazing. Isaac couldn’t believe it that he could stay at his house with us for the whole weekend. He asked over and over if I was sure, if he could really stay. When my answer was always Yes, he just smiled and said “I like it.” This is just one example of Isaac’s struggle with short term memory. He has a great long term memory, but often forgets he asked and already got the answer or that he told a certain story already. We are pretty used to answering the same question over and over but eventually it sticks. While we were home Isaac finally got the opportunity to hang out with his friends like old times at a local Mankato restaurant. This was the first time we turned him over to his friends without one of us tagging along. Much needed guy time. From what I hear, it was a real fun time!
Isaac completed all of his assessments as of today. So he is officially an outpatient client of Courage Kenny! Yay! All three (as Alex Stelmoch describes them the Holy Trinity of TBI) Speech, Occupational, and Physical therapy have each recommended 3xweek sessions. In total that will be 9 hours of therapy each week. Obviously this is a HUGE difference from inpatient where he was getting 25+ hours of therapy each week and was still benefitting from that work load. That is why we are so thankful to also have tapped into the additional programs for Isaac to partake in.
On Monday, Isaac started the CIMT program and the ABLE program. These programs will supplement his outpatient schedule giving him an additional 24 hours of therapy over the next couple of weeks. We certainly are working hard to keep him and his brain busy! The CIMT program is a two week program, every day, for 4 hours straight. Using only his right hand they complete a 20 minute task like folding laundry and then take a 10 minute break. For the first time Isaac had to eat his entire meal with his right hand. We are hopeful this will give his right hand the extra push to reconnect with his brain. It is all about reconnecting new pathways through repetition, making that brain remember he has a right hand and how to use it. We were worried that his brain injury would cognitively hold him back in this program but he has been doing exceptionally well in following directions and staying on task. When he is done with his therapies, he even has to wear the mitt at home. Last night we did the dishes together. There was water everywhere, but it was rewarding to have completed that task using only his right hand. We are looking forward to what this program will do for Isaac, his brain, and the function in his right arm!
ABLE is also very exciting. It is just right up Isaac’s alley. It is a four week program, three times a week, and involves an hour on a treadmill and harness and then 30 minutes translating what was learned on the treadmill to over the ground. His first day they got him up to high speeds on the treadmill and really worked on natural walking. They encouraged him to sway his arms because when he gets concentrated his arms tends to tense up and hang out up at his waist. He was looking great! Then off the treadmill he ran, jumped, and completed some agility drills. He was sweating, breathing hard, and loved it! Today of course they pulled out the football and incorporated that into his workout. Almost like old time drills. You can tell he is already enjoying what this program has to offer.
Let me tell you all; I am so impressed with my husband. I could not be prouder. CIMT and ABLE are some of the toughest programs for individuals with these types of disabilities. Isaac is exhausted at the end of the day. All the hard work leaves him more unsteady, more irritable, and yet more determined. The biggest challenge of being home is us as caregivers being cautious with his every move in his new environment and his struggle with us for his independence back. At times he isn’t aware of his limitations and believes he can do more than his injuries allow. But we all push on together, with a great understanding that this is all in love. He has really stepped up to the plate to take on these new challenges and he does it with a smile on his face. He is so encouraged by those that reach out with their comments and their hello’s. We read them together and all he can say is “Wow!” and “Thank you!”. Thank you for helping me encourage my husband. He is doing so great!
Always #22Strong, getting stronger every day.
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cinnamon dickens
By Cinnamon Dickens
Chris Schaudt had spread the word to his hometown community about Isaac. We have been praying all along and will continue praying for him here in Iowa. Jesus bless your sweet family! Praying very much for you as wife and mom as well. You're being stretched beyond what you probably ever would have guessed. Prayers for the strength and encouragement you need, Molly, and healing for your heart as a wife and mother. #22Strong is just as much for you!
Rachel Jones
By — last edited
This is such a great post! Bless you for keeping all of us posted!! It's great to hear how hard Isaac is working. Keep up the great work Isaac!! And Molly you are amazing! I admire your dedication and hard work as well! You two make a great team! God bless and take care!!
Cindy Burrington
By Dean Burrington
Our son Zach played at Mankato with Isaac. It is so inspirational for all of us to watch how he continues to progress and do things nobody thought he could. His love of sports and football as well as his competitive nature sure seems to be helping him with his recovery. Even though we haven't met any of you we want you to know your family is never far from our thoughts and prayers. We will continue to watch your family and we pray for a complete recovery for Isaac. May God be with You ! Dean and Cindy Burrington and Family.
Sue Beaudette
By Sue Beaudette
Absolutely amazing recovery process! I am so thrilled to read how well Isaac is doing and continue to pray for his complete healing. I have never met you, Molly, but you are certainly an awesome person and such a blessing to Isaac! (I was his kdgn teacher at Franklin many years ago!) I wear my #22Strong t-shirt whenever I exercise to remind myself to "enjoy!!!" my treadmill time and to continue to pray for all of you!
Heather Webber
By Heather Webber
I apologize for not being able to talk much when you came in for lunch today. I was close to tears. I've been following your story for months and am so happy to see the progress! I'm happy to support your family in any way possible! I'm so happy to see things are turning around :) #22strong
Connie Davis
By Connie Davis
Isaac and Molly, thank You both for sharing your journey, being vulnerable is not easy. You inspire many as you share the strength, faith and perseverance it takes on this journey. I continue to pray and believe in a Complete recovery for Isaac. Blessing to All of you. XO
vicki hendley
By vicki hendley
wonderful!! keep up the good work!
Joan Ganley
By Joan
You don’t know me but I am a fellow MSU alum and have followed your story from the beginning. I wanted to let you know how happy I am to hear that you are home and continuing to get better every day. It is going to be a lot of hard work but you have so much love and support from your family which will help you to stay strong and continue fighting. God bless you and your family!!!
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Angie Pretz
By Angie
I don't know your family personally, but I have been following your story regularly since I heard about the injury through a friend. I SO look forward to reading your posts and seeing all of the strides Isaac has made since the last post. I am so happy for all of you, and can't wait to read what he has accomplished by next time :) Good luck with the challenges these programs will provide!
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Shelly Schulz
By Shelly Schulz
Love you all for sharing your journey and love for each other. Tomorrow, in my adoration hour in prayer chapel I'm dedicating whole time to Isaac and Molly Kolstad family. #22STRONG
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