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Isaac’s Story

Isaac suffered a severe head injury early in the morning on 5/11/14. He is currently in Critical condition and fighting for his life. He is young and strong, but the battle he has in front of him is enormous. We do not yet know the full extent of his injuries. He is very sick. Please pray for Isaac and all of those involved.
The Kolstad's

Latest Journal Update

Happy Birthday Isaac!

Our Christmas Tree
Our Christmas Tree

Hello Friends! It has been awhile since I have last had the chance to write an update. Truly we have been busy these last couple of weeks! But now I finally find myself with some minutes to myself. Malia is sleeping, Haidyn is at day care playing and learning, Isaac is at therapy, and the house is clean…at least for now. What have the Kolstad’s been up to you wonder? Well, moving back to Mankato to start! During the Thanksgiving week, we moved everyone and all of our things back to our home town. So really the adjustment of having everyone home again has taken up a lot of our time and our energy. We have had some trying times as this family of four tries to figure out how to meet everyone’s needs and function as a family again. The adjustment to home life after months in the hospital is coming along day after day, just as this whole journey has been day after day. But Isaac is home for real now and that also means, we had him with us for the holidays which was one our biggest hopes. Isaac is enjoying being at home with the girls more. They spend a lot of time playing and making up for lost time. Isaac and Haidyn play games both for fun and for therapy. It is the whole two birds with one stone deal and they are really enjoying the quality time they are able to have now that dad is home.

Isaac is traveling three days a week to the cities up and back for his continued outpatient therapy at Courage Kenny. He will continue speech, occupation, and physical therapy sessions there at least until late spring. He is also still going strong with the ABLE program that continues to be extended because of his great gains in the program! We were hoping that he would be able to reach the limit of 8mph on the treadmill and we are happy to report that he did!!! Isaac maxed out the treadmill and is the first of their knowledge to do so. But in doing that, we wore the poor thing out and they ended up needing a new one! Hopefully the new one that is being installed hopefully this week will be able to handle the speed and power of Mr. Isaac Kolstad! Isaac continues to work on his right side, balance, endurance, speed, conversational speech, and typing in his other therapies. The drive is still there in Isaac, he works hard every day and at each therapy session to get better. And with that comes the continued improvements.

It is a big day today; it is Isaac’s 25th birthday! Happy birthday hun! We are incredibly blessed to have this day and continue to celebrate the life of Isaac Kolstad. Lately, I have been reminded of those first few days after Isaac’s injury. I think back to the doubt that Isaac would be here today and that even if he was here that he would have been likely be in a vegetative state. He had a 3% chance of making some sort of recovery. 3% chance that he would be a functional person again. So here I am, in my home, with my 3% man! He made it and he succeed, despite the statistics, despite the doubt.

It tis’ the season for miracles, love, and being together. We understand more than ever what life means to us. We could not be more grateful than to be together in our home for the holidays to share this beautiful time celebrating what truly matters, health and happiness. We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season as well. Love each other, hug a little tighter, appreciate every moment together- do that for us please! Thank you as always for following Isaac’s road to recovery and for supporting us. Everyone needs prayers, so please pray for everyone!

Always, #22strong

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DeDe Meyer
By DeDe Meyer
Issac and Molly and girls, thank you for doing the interviews this week, and giving us all a chance to see God's miracles working in all of you. Isaac, you amaze me, and I'm so proud of you. Molly, your love for Isaac, and your ability to do all of this is even more impressive to me. Sticking by someone in these types of situations is tough on the caregiver, and you're an incredible lady, wife, mother and supporter. You amaze me, and God is working miracles through you too! I always appreciate your detailed posts. God Bless all of you in 2015!
Cindy Burrington
By Dean Burrington — last edited
Prayers and positive thoughts are with all of you.


Have a great Birthday!

Cindy Burrington (Zach's mom)
Greg von der Lippe
By Greg von der Lippe
Happy Birthday Isaac! Prayers your way always!
Tacy Bressler
By Tacy Bressler
Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Isaac from the Bressler family! We too, continue to heal, attend therapy and praise God for his blessings this season. Hannah is getting stronger everyday, and headed to Mayo on Monday to try and figure out the shoulder and the hearing issues. So uplifting to hear your stories as we can so relate. Onward and upward is our motto! So amazing we have these blessings this Christmas! Thank you Molly for your updates, we continue to pray for all of you! Hello to all!
Lynn Klaber
By Lynn Klaber
Merry Christmas, Kolstad family! It is wonderful you are all home - in YOUR home! - together again. May the blessings of the season and the miracle of this Christmas continue throughout the years to come. Wishing you health, peace and happiness.
Kathy Dierks
By Kathy Dierks
Merry Christmas to you! Thanks for the update. As always, Coach and I keep you in our prayers.
Diann Lloyd
By Diann Lloyd
Oh, Isaac! Happy birthday! I remember when you turned eight years old, and you brought those wonderful Schmidts bakery donuts as a treat to your classmates. Wishing you many more happy years with your beautiful family!💗
Faith Tietz
Happy 25th Birthday Isaac. God's Blessings to you.
Geri Friedmann
By Geri
God Bless you all .Happy Birthday Issac and many many more! Enjoy all your precious moments together Gods peace and love be with you.Greetings from Jersey
Amy Boles
By Amy
Happy Birthday! Thank you for making my little girls' day yesterday and signing the MSU Maverick posters for them!