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Aaron is recovering well from surgery on his right foot and ankle last Monday. (See the May entry for details on WHY). We took him home on a flat transport after recovery, but after a few hours, we were concerned about how much drainage, (ie. bleeding), was coming from the cast.  We were back at the hospital late that night and Aaron was admitted. By the next morning, the bleeding had almost stopped so we brought him home again in the afternoon.  Both the surgeon’s assistant and the hospital staff at the orthopedic surgery wing said it wasn’t that unusual, given the extensive soft-tissue and bone work done, but if we’d known what to expect we probably wouldn’t have brought him home the first day. We are still learning from every experience! The first surgery in 2010 was both feet, same day home, but with no complications. Today he is up in his chair with his leg elevated. He gets this first cast off in another  week, then a second cast on for four more weeks.

Our big news of the day is that Tom has announced his retirement from 3M after 32 years!  He will officially retire July 31st, but has agreed to come back Sept 1st three days a week as a consultant until the end of the year. There is a big workload of patent and project management commitments, and he will be able to help see these projects through to completion and work with his successors through the transition. So, what will Tom do after retirement? Certainly his outdoor pursuits- kayaking, canoeing, mountaineering, etc, but also a new interest—her name is Mary Anne. Look up her photo in the photo tab and see them together.  He has lots of projects planned around the property.

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Paul Stenger
Congratulations on your retirement, Tom! Best wishes to you, Carol and Aaron. I'm glad to hear that Aaron is progressing well and that he keeps going in the right direction! That "Mary Anne" appears to be a nice machine.
Mary Jo Peterson
By Mary Jo
Glad that Aaron is healing. Probably frustrating that you weren't fully informed preop of what to expect.
Mary Anne looks like quite the toy! It will be interesting to hear how she is used.
Take care.... Enjoy the summer.