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It has been a busy spring for Aaron so far.  After meeting his new primary physician, we had a consultation with the foot and ankle surgeon who had performed the first corrective foot surgery in 2010. We have observed that over the past year, Aaron’s right foot has been turning outward, making it difficult to wear his rigid orthotic shoes for support on his tilt-table. This weight-bearing exercise is critical to his overall health and bone density, and our concern was that eventually he would be unable to stand.  We have scheduled this surgery for mid-June, and will have it done early in the day and have Aaron back home by afternoon. 

Aaron came home today after an 8-day stay at Respite Care. While he was there, we had new carpet installed in his bedroom.  After moving all the furniture back (including a very heavy motorized hospital bed), I went to visit my BFF in Chicago for three nights. With our regular caregivers acting as “companions” and advocates at the facility, and Grandma Winnie visiting him in the evenings, Aaron had a pleasant and uneventful stay. We just picked him up this morning and had a Mother’s Day lunch at home. It seems much more normal to have him home again.

P.S.  Did anyone else get up at 2 am to see the Lunar Eclipse on April 15? Tom and I did and it was pretty amazing, especially with the red moon and the red planet Mars in opposition.  Definitely worth getting out of bed on a cold night! 

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Mary C Tintes
By Mary C. Tintes
Happy Belated Mother's Day, Carol. Glad you had a getaway opportunity. Greetings to Aaron and Tom.
Mary Jo Peterson
By Mary Jo
Mary Jo Peterson
By Mary Jo
Belated happy mothers day to you. Good thing we didn't know all we would experience as moms from the onset.
You (and Tom) are awesome parents to Aaron. Glad that the respite time was productive and fun for you. Blessings to you and your family as we finally get to enjoy warmer weather and the return of green growing plants all around us.