Aaron’s Story

This is for the Insley boys- Aaron and Richard- who were in an auto accident in the early hours of Nov. 25th, 2007, near their home in Lake Elmo. Richard, 23, did not survive. Aaron, now 29, was hospitalized in St. Paul and continued his recovery in Red Wing. He came home on Nov. 11th, 2008. Aaron is stable, healthy, and receives excellent care. He remains in a minimally conscious state with the effects of a severe traumatic brain injury.

Aaron and Richard were very close and shared many of the same interests and friends. They were both avid mountaineers, having climbed Granite Peak, the highest summit in Montana, with their dad on separate trips.

Richard was a recent graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College, and was currently working as a bank teller. He was engaged to be married in April and was thinking of going to law school. We share in our grief with his fiancee, Jenn, and hold her in our prayers.

Aaron was a senior at Gustavus Adolphus as a geography major, and planned to go to MSU-Mankato fall 2007 for a graduate degree.

Aaron has made an amazing recovery in the first year and continues to heal from a head injury. Our hopes are very high for his continued progress at home. Thanks for your continued letters of encouragement and support, and for all the prayers for Aaron and our family.

Latest Journal Update

Moving forward

We made it through another Thanksgiving week. Thankfully, with all we have going on now, we have lots of topics to talk about instead of dwelling on "other" things. We had a nice dinner on Sunday and sort of slid through the rest of the week with business and chores. It works well for us to have our turkey dinner on Nov 22nd, the day of the last Thanksgiving with the boys, and then put it past us and move on. Hard to believe it has been eight years. 

We had a fun morning on Friday, enjoying the company of Anna’s young daughter for a few hours. Tom and I really had fun with her. Eva actually behaved well, but got a little jealous that she wasn't the center of attention! We ended up tossing her toy and then all of us cheering as she caught it- fun for everyone. I'd forgotten how busy a 2-year old can be! Lucky we still had Aaron's BRIO wooden train set. Funny how even little girls know choo-choo. Aaron was in the living room while we played and he was watching the activity very closely.

Tom is busy all today getting things in order before the snow hits tomorrow. He's taking our snow blower over to store at the pole barn at the Granite House property, then bringing Wall-e (the trackloader) home to keep in the garage at our house to plow our driveway, and then taking the big trailer back to the pole barn for storage. He still has some chain saw work to do but he won't need Wall-e for that. It’s nice that the Granite House property is so close by. He will be doing some brush chipping and possibly burning over the winter. Once we start building in the spring, we’ll be back and forth quite a bit.

Our fall fundraising campaign is going well, and with funds available in the matching grant, there is still time for that much-appreciated tax-deductible donation to Granite House. We have some donors giving stock, and others doing a small monthly pledge. Lots of options on the website, www.granitehousemn.org 
Thanks so much to all of our CaringBridge friends who have helped us out so far.