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Hey Buddy,
I guess at 12 you wouldn't want me to call you Buddy Bear anymore...going into 6th grade would probably make you too cool for that.  ;-) 

Yesterday it was four and a half years since you flew Home to Jesus.  Wow!  I can only imagine the adventures you've been having.  It probably doesn't feel like very long at all to you, but it feels to Dad and I like forever ago and yesterday all at the same time. 

Dad and I are now what they call "empty nesters"...old birds whose little ones have flown away.  What?  We're not that old?  Aww...thanks Buddy Bear!  :-)

Things are pretty quiet here in the house, sure, they aren't quite as messy, but they are actually kind of boring most of the time.  You were very entertaining! 

We've flown to a few places and made a few new friends, but mostly we just miss you.  We miss having a little one around to play Yahtzee with us and decorate the Christmas tree and deliver May baskets and ride bikes with and a million other things.  We miss having somebody call us "Mom" and "Dad". 

So, we've decided it's time for you to be a big brother!   We know you'll be a really great big brother! 

We've asked God to send us a baby brother or sister for you...would you ask Him too if He'll send us a little piece of heaven to keep us company until we can all be together again? 

We look forward to seeing you again son!  We want you to introduce us to your big brothers or sisters and we'll bring your little brother or sister with us for you to meet too.  Someday we'll have a big family reunion and we'll never be apart again.  In the meantime...know that we love you SO very much!  Say "Hi" to everybody for us...

Courage and Kindness...
Mom & Dad

***Folks:  We've decided to add to our family through adoption.  We covet your prayers and will be posting more information on our adoption journey at:  Thanks for walking with us through sorrow and joy...