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I guess I was back on the good list today because I was the one Ian chose to drive his wheelchair on his big outing today! We were able to spend a few minutes outside and it was an awesome change of scenery for him. He also did physical therapy this morning and showed off his amazing memory during some neuro checks this evening. Busy day! He is now relaxing to his choice music- G-Eazy.

He is anxiously awaiting the go-ahead from the doctor who did his facial surgery to be able to eat and drink.

Thanks again for all the notes and comments!
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Trevor Griffith
By Trevor Griffith
What flavor ice cream is he wanting? Real soft serve? Or Gelatto? Or, a three scoop Banana Split with a cherry on top?
Paula Silva
By Paula Silva @pasilvan
C'mon Ian!! :D
Tassie Kowal
By Tassie Kowal
Congratulations on the solid progress Ian!
David Moore
By David Moore
Fresh air and a little sunlight...I'll bet that felt good! Sounds like you will be eating and drinking soon.
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