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Updates on Ian (Tuesday, August 26th)

Sunday, August 24th, Ian was involved in a serious accident while competing in the final stage of the US Pro Challenge. He was was in a small crash early in the race and needed a spare bike. After switching to his spare bike, he began chasing back up to the main pack through the caravan (the group of team cars and support vehicles that follows behind the main pack). As he was chasing, there was a sudden stoppage of vehicles in front of him and he crashed into the back of one of the team vehicles. He went through the back windshield of the car. He was immediately taken care of at the scene by an amazing team of medical staff. There were trauma doctors and a neurosurgeon on site and the LifeFlight helicopter was ready to transport him quickly and he was transported to St. Anthony's Hospital, a level 1 trauma center, within 20 minutes of the accident. They stabilized him and he is in the Neuro-ICU unit. 

Marie and Tela flew out on Sunday afternoon and arrived late Sunday night. Dennis got here on Monday and Marissa will arrive this afternoon (Tuesday). 

He has a lot of road rash (mostly from the initial crash), deep lacerations on his neck and chest from the windshield, a broken scapula, significant facial lacerations (he got successful surgery last night to begin the repair process). He went head first into the windshield which resulted in brain trauma.  He is being kept sedated to give his brain and body time to heal. The great news is that he has been doing really well on the neurological tests that they run every few hours. He is able to respond to commands to move all four limbs and has given us a thumbs up when asked. He will remain sedated to give everything time to heal but the doctors and nurses are very happy with where he is right now. 

The staff here has been amazing, and we feel like he is in the absolute best place to get the best care possible. 

Ian has a long road ahead of him with rehab and there will be additional plastic surgeries required to repair the damage to his face, but the progress he has already made has been way ahead of schedule- he is a tough kid and as we all know, he is used to exceeding expectations! This morning they were able to remove the brain monitoring equipment from his head, which is another great sign. This will allow them to back off the sedation so that they can better evaluate where his brain is at. 

This morning he was able to open his eyes when he heard our voices, even under sedation, so that was a great start to our day. 

The outpouring of support for Ian and us has been hugely supportive and has really helped us in this challenging time. We have been reading all your notes to Ian and we know he will love to see things you have posted (you all know how funny he is, so if you have funny pictures or jokes that you'd like to share, I'm sure he would appreciate that). 

We need to keep his room clutter free (and no visitors at this time), but it would be awesome to have cards and pictures to put up on his wall for when he wakes up. If you are interested in sending something to him, here is the address:

St. Anthony's Hospital
Patient: Ian Crane, room 216
11600 W 2nd Pl, 
Lakewood, CO 80228

Thank you again so much for all of your support, it means a ton to us! 

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Sandra Griffith
By Sandra Griffith
Hi Ian - I hope you can have more visits from Molly ... animals can have a calming effect.
Don't tell Lilly and Griffin you two timed them .... they may get jealous. When you get home to
WA state they will be soooooooooo happy to see you!!! Hope you are smiling and laughing.
Samuel Vanderpoel
By Samuel
Thinking of you all. We heard of the accident while spectating in Golden on Sunday. Heal up Ian!
Cherie Moore
By Cherie Moore
Wishing Ian a very speedy recovery. Gathering many thoughts and prayers for you here, Cherie Moore (from San Luis Obispo, CA and mother of rider Ian Moore)
Kathy Crane
By Kathy Crane
Dearest sweet Ian. So much love and hope coming your way from Aunt Kath. You have courage and strength beyond belief.
Ann Harrison
By Ann Harrison
Wishing you a speedy recovery Ian. All the best to you and the Crane Family. Love, Ann and Dave
Annette Williams
By Kenny Williams
As I lay in my hospital bed after my hip surgery. I'm Sorry to hear about your crash. But it sounds like things are moving forward and you are healing. Great to be a Young Rock Star you will be at it in no time. Much love, hope you are back home soon my friend.
Paula Silva
By Paula Silva @pasilvan
I can't wait to see you again on the road!!! Sadly I didn't know before the accident but now i am your fan :) GO IAN I hope you're going to recovered fast! I am from Chile in South America :) huggs and kisses!
David Moore
By David Moore
Wishing you a speedy recovery!!!
Jenna App
By Jenna App
Thinking about you Ian!!!!
Yvonne Raisin
By Jim and Yvonne Raisin Dalton GA
We will keep Ian in our thoughts and prayers.