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Hi all,

This is Ian's Maja, Julie. 

Yesterday at 5:00 am, Shawnee and I received a call informing us that Ian was in the hospital w/ critical injuries.  When we arrived at Regions Hospital, we heard that Ian had been in a single car accident and had suffered many critical injuries.  The most critical injury was that Ian's liver was basically cut in half.  Ian was immediately rushed to surgery, where they tried to stop the bleeding in his liver.  They tried to patch his liver, but were unable to stop the  bleeding.  His stomach remains "cut" open and they have it packed w/ a saran wrap-type material. Ian has lost and recd a huge supply of this point well over 50 units of blood products.  Today, the liver is still bleeding, but has slowed down somewhat, which is promising.  Ian's other injuries include: a deep laceration on his head, extending from his forehead to the middle of his head; a broken arm; a deep laceration in his right leg; a fractured cervix in his neck; a collapsed lung and many cuts over his body. 

Ian had surgery on his leg yesterday, and the laceration was washed and stapled.  Ian has many staples in his head injury, but the brain scans appear negative (no indication of brain injury at this point).  Ian had a tube put in his chest yesterday to help w/ the collapsed lung and so far, that seems to be helping that issue.  The neuro-surgeon has determined that they will not operate on his neck injury but instead, will just keep the neck brace on.  Ian is scheduled to have surgery on his arm tomorrow morning, providing his vitals remain stable.  They will need to put metal plates and screws in his arm. 

The good news: Ian had a very high heart rate yesterday, but that has lowered; still high, but lower.  Ian's temperature remains slightly elevated, but at an OK level.  Yesterday, Ian was able to squeeze my hand and move his toes, but today he is so heavily sedated, he is non-responsive.  Ian's color is better today, and his face appears less swollen. 

The even better news: Ian, Shawnee and I have had so much support it is unbelievable.  At one point yesterday, we had well over 15 people at the hospital, even though most people cannot even visit him directly.  His good friends have been here constantly and even stood in line at 5:00 am this morning to buy Ian some Nike shoes he will love to have.  My friends and family have offered so much support, I cannot begin to explain how much it has meant to me.  I know that I (we) are not alone in our worry and concern over Ian.  That makes this impossible situation a little more managable for us.  I love all of you that have been here for us and I have told Ian of all the support he has had.  He cannot respond, but I believe he can hear me.  Ian has incredible friends and I am proud of him for having the good sense for choosing to have such great friends in his life.  Please continue to support him and I will continue to keep you posted.  Thank you everyone!!!  PS-Shawnee also has an awesome boyfriend and friends that have been here for us.  Thanks Ian's friends, Shawnee's friends, my friends, and all family.  I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hi all, Well, this will be my final update.  Ian’s injuries have continued to heal amazingly well, so there is not much more I can say….about Ian, that is.  ... Read more

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I am so glad and relieved that you are getting back on track. I knew when you were headed home that that was a good sign! You remain in our thoughts and look forward to ... Read more

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Julie and Ian, I am so happy for Ian's progress.  I will miss your witty writing of a difficult subject, Julie.  Hope you will print them all out and if you don't want ... Read more

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Ian, great news about all the healing going on! I will miss your Mom's updates and her writting style. Have a great summer--enjoy the lawn work, cleaning, cooking, dog ... Read more

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Hi Julie, have been through an amazing journey and I am so happy for all of you that Ian is back to his old self.  I don't know him but through your ... Read more

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Congratulations Ian! And Julie,  I'll miss your journal entries. Carol and i were talking the other day and she asked if I had an update on "Julie's son" and I ... Read more

Julie Bendixen posted a new journal entry.

Hi all, Well, this will be my final update.  Ian’s injuries have continued to heal amazingly well, so there is not much more I can say….about Ian, that is.  ... Read more

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I am so happy to see that the good reports that I expected are coming in. It is also great to see my great-niece Jada being a support for Naomi. We are still praying for ... Read more

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Julie and Ian, We're so happy to know that you, Ian are recovering so well.  A miracle for sure.  And Julie, you are indeed a writer!!  Your entries are so informative ... Read more

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Well, I finally uploaded the pictures of some of Ian's visitors, thanks to help from an "under 30-something bud" who is a little more computer savvy than I am.  ... Read more

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Julie, You never cease to amaze me!  You always brighten my day when I read your journal updates. Ian, I am glad to read and hear of how much you have progressed.  Bet ... Read more

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