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Hope is our beautiful twelve-year-old daughter, and we are so proud of her!  Hope was born with spina bifida and has endured countless surgeries.  Hope's newest challenge - her chest cavity is not large enough to accomodate her heart and lungs.  Dr. Richard McCarthy performed the VEPTR surgery, titanium ribcage, on Hope's left side at Arkansas Children's Hospital in March 2009.  Hope will be having the VEPTR surgery on her right side in June 2009.  We are hoping that these two surgeries will give Hope enough room to breathe and will improve the length and quality of her life. 


Karen Fuglesten posted a new journal entry.

 HiI know its been a couple of months since I updated my caringbridge site, but I've been pretty busy.  As soon as we got home from Minneapolis Children's ... Read more

Barb Eltz signed Hope's Guestbook.

So good to see an update, you busy girl!  It sounds like you have a lot of new and exciting (and some a bit scary) things going on in your life. We miss you all and hope ... Read more

MayLynn Skavlem signed Hope's Guestbook.

Hi Hope and Family,  Boy, have you ever been busy.  I can't believe you are that old, but I can't believe that I'm 60 either!  Your trip sounded wonderful.  I always ... Read more

Shari Jerde signed Hope's Guestbook.

Hope, It is awesome to hear all about your summer adventures and trips! I really miss seeing you every day at CV! Please tell Kelly that I say hello, and let all the kids ... Read more

Beth C signed Hope's Guestbook.

.. part 2.. that was supposed to say  'newspaper article idea'.. could be 'about .. 'Hope and Life as I Know It'  (thru your eyes, that is!  Read more

Beth C signed Hope's Guestbook.

Hi Hope.. What a nice write-up.. you have good 'reporter skills'!  Perhaps that can be another job you can do.. just pick what you want to report on .. (Weekly Newspaper ... Read more

Jana Teagle signed Hope's Guestbook.

Hope!!!!! I hear you saw Miss Amelia last week and that I'm supposed to look on here for pictures!! How dare you see her and take pictures without me! Haha!! How's your ... Read more

Karen Fuglesten posted a new journal entry.

We are doing the HAPPY DANCE because we are heading home today.:) Hope made it 48 hours breathing room air only.Tim and Tyler should arrive later this afternoon.  Hope ... Read more

Karen Fuglesten posted a new journal entry.

Hope has made it 48 hours without the breathing machine!  The doctors are slowly turning down the oxygen and flow every day, and so far Hope's body is tolerating it.  ... Read more

Karen Fuglesten posted a new journal entry.

Still in PICU, but if Hope has many more days like today, we are hopeful that home may be in the horizon sometime this week.  FINALLY, the radiologist saw some ... Read more

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