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By — Sep 12, 2011 6:26pm
Brendon was in Miss Thoresons very first class. She was a new teacher, I was new to having a child in school. I was one of her room Mom's and she was so creative and loving. Shelbey had her next and I still have a video of a mothers day program, Hope and the first graders, put on for us Moms. I think it was ten or more songs and little gifts for us besides. She always went the extra mile.  Sydney had her ten years after the other kids and she was just as loving and patient then,  even though she had you two boys of her own. She was a great teacher, a happy teacher, that loved what she did. She probably packed more living into her years of living happy and always busy than most of us, who have been blessed with a few more years than she got.

I ran into her about six months after she had been diagnosised with cancer, in line at Marketplace Foods. I got sick to my stomach there in line,  thinking of what i should say to her. I was afraid I'd get emotional and make her feel like I thought it was already over or something. She made ME feel at ease, she made me feel comfortable instead of the other way around. She told me about a trip she was looking forward to with Jay and her sister and school the next year. There was no way she planned to go anywhere.  As she walked away I wondered would I ever see her again? How sad that would make me! I did not see her again, just left her comments. I am as sad about her passing, as I knew I'd be. Our sympathy to you Jay, Chris and Josh ...for whatever the reason she was called home early.

I hope the services tonite and tomorrow, and help you in your grieving process, although give yourself time to digest whats happened in your own time. You have alot of support. Thinking of you all...Kerry and Pam Picek family