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Henry’s Story

Welcome to Henry's CaringBridge site. I've created it to keep friends and family updated about Henry's treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

P.S. We hate cancer and hope you feel the same.

Latest Journal Update


Hi Friends,
It's been an eventful evening for Henry.  His nausea had become worse over the past couple days and this afternoon things became suspicious enough to take an abdominal x-ray.  It turned out that Henry's J Tube which is supposed to go to his intestine had somehow worked it's way out and made it's way up his esophagus.  That explained the strange things that had been happening lately, like the return of his nausea and also the way he could taste medicine that went in to the J Tube.  The team found it an urgent enough situation to go ahead and remove the GJ Tube earlier tonight.  They were able to do it right in his room and just used pain killers instead of full blown sedation.  Henry was awake for it and it definitely hurt, but once again, he got through it like a champ and was back to his normal self in no time. His GJ was replaced with a G tube, so there is now only access to his stomach.  Given the past difficulties with the GJ Tube, the G is a good option right now.  A post-op x-ray indicates that everything is as it should be so hopefully no more complications are on the horizon.  Henry is snoozing away right now and seems very unaffected by the whole thing.  It's still looking like everything is a go for leaving Minneapolis on the 22nd, we're all looking very forward to being back in Sioux Falls finally.  Have a good night all!

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6 Comentarios

Carol Walker
By Grandma Carol
Can't wait for you guys to be home again! thanks for the update hugs to the boys!!
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Ruth Walker
By Ruth Walker
Thanks for the update Ryan
Are you feeling better?
I agree with Robin, Henry is our hero and you and Misty are right up there with him!!!
What will be Henrys mailing address in Sioux Falls?
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Aunt Robin
By Robin Wilcoxa
Glad you are back,Ryan. So sorry Henry has to fight that darn tube. Been a thorn in his side (belly) since he got it. Darn thing needs to settle down! Prayers for you all & ongoing strength for our hero
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Vickie Terrell
By Vickie Terrell
Thinking of all of you. This has been a difficult journey for Henry and what a brave little guy he is. Hopefully when everyone gets home things will be better. Fingers crossed and prayers sent.
Annette Sichmeller
By Annette Sichmeller
Oh my goodness! I never would have known-- poor kiddo! He looked great when I saw u guys this afternoon. Sorry to hear he had to deal with this! He is such a tough kid!!
Donna Davenport
By Kirk and Donna Davenport
Continued prayers for Henry's comfort!