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Henry’s Story

Welcome to Henry's CaringBridge site. I've created it to keep friends and family updated about Henry's treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

P.S. We hate cancer and hope you feel the same.

Latest Journal Update


Hi Friends,
For the first time in a long time there really isn't anything negative to report on Henry's condition!  Of course, he's still dealing with the usual suspects of bladder and lung problems but the doctors are happy with his progress,  those conditions are under control and improving a bit more each day.  His blood counts are looking great and he's even starting to make his own lymphocytes which will be very helpful fighting off virus.  His pain medication and immunosuppressive medication are slowly being weaned down with no problems so far.  Tomorrow we will try to clamp his bladder irrigation off all day to see how he does without any irrigation.  So far the two and four hour trials we've done have gone just fine.  We're taking baby steps towards removing the catheters with these trials, hopefully it all goes smoothly and we can get those pesky tubes out soon.
Henry woke up in a great mood this morning he started off at 6 AM wanting to watch some You Tube videos, then out of the blue demanded some watermelon!   I was very shocked as he hasn't had a thing to eat in 72 days so all I could reply with was "watermelon?".  He was prompt to reply, "Yes, that's food...with seeds!".  Well, finding watermelon in Minneapolis at the end of October before dawn is something of a challenge so he agreed to settle for strawberries.  He ate three of those without getting sick. A bit later Grandpa and Grandma Quick brought in some blueberries after their own unsuccessful watermelon hunt, he ate five of those with no problem. Finally at lunch time Grandpa and Grandma found and delivered some watermelon,  his face lit right up as he reached out for the dish, it was the happiest I'd seen him look in a long time. He really must have wanted some watermelon bad!  He ate a few pieces of that along with a couple blackberries, still no nausea!  With any luck, his tummy will keep on cooperating and his appetite will continue to improve.  More days like today would be a welcome relief for us all!

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7 Comentarios

Aunt Robin
By Robin Wilcoxa
Aren't grandma's wonderful? They certainly can work magic! Way to go Bonnie! And hooray for Henry glad you have an appetite! Praying for more days like today
Miriam Norris
By Miriam
Great news Ryan. That little monkey will be back on his feet soon. See you soon
Donna Davenport
By Donna Davenport
What great news!! Go Henry!!
Nicole McDonald
By Niki McDonald
This makes me laugh, and reminds me of good old Henry. He's such a fruit nut, always stealing the blackberries! Love you guys, so happy to hear the good news!
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Shayla Burton
By Shayla Burton
This made me smile :) what awesome news to hear!! Keep going Henry! Love you lots!!
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Carol Walker
By Grandma Carol — last edited
Hooray to hear the good news of Henry's appetite returning!! Pray those tubes come out any day now! Way to go Henry!!
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Hal Walker
By Grampa Hal
That's great news, glad Grandma & Grandpa persisted until they found some watermelons. The body tells you what it needs and Henry's obviously needs watermelons. Go Henry, Misty, & Ryan! Glad to hear you are seeing progress.
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