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Henry’s Story

Welcome to Henry's CaringBridge site. I've created it to keep friends and family updated about Henry's treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

P.S. We hate cancer and hope you feel the same.

Latest Journal Update


Hi Friends,

Henry was admitted to the ICU yesterday with breathing issues.  His breathing had become very labored and it was difficult for him to get a good exhale in so the docs thought it was best to send him down here to the ICU where he could be monitored more closely.  He's been doing very well today, his breathing is stable and seems to be less labored than before.  He's still on oxygen but was able to reduce the level some today so hopefully we can go down on it a little bit each day.  For now the doctors are perfectly happy to give him whatever assistance he needs while recovering from his lung problems.  It turns out there is still adenovirus lurking around in his mucus.  Most likely that's what's causing all the problems with his breathing.  The CT scan showed a lot of liquid in his lungs, it's no wonder he was working so hard to breathe.  If everything goes ok overnight tonight, we'll be able to get back up to the BMT unit tomorrow.

With all the various viruses Henry is fighting, the doctors are starting to wean him off of the cyclosporine he's been taking since transplant.  It's an immunosuppressant drug used to prevent graft vs. host disease.  Taking him down on it will hopefully speed up the recovery of his immune system.  It's not something that will happen quickly, just bit by bit over time to continue the coverage for graft vs. host while allowing his immune system to rebuild.

We are cautiously optimistic that Henry's bladder condition is improving.  His nephrostomy tubes have been clamped for two days now and the drip on his bladder flush system has been drastically reduced. So far there haven't been any problems and the liquid coming out in the collection bags looks to have a fair amount of sediment in it.  If everything is adding up correctly, that sediment should be evidence of a dissolving clot.  There will be another ultrasound taken tomorrow to see if the clot is any smaller.

Henry is in good spirits overall.  He's become a lot more talkative the past few days which is just great.  He's been winning the hearts of everyone with his spirit, now he's also doing it with his humor.  Take care all!


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7 Comentarios

Bonnie Quick
By Grandma Bonnie & Grandpa Russ
Henry, what a blessing that through all these battles you are waging, you have spirit and that great sense of humor of yours. In the past, the return of Henry's humor has often been followed by healing. I'm praying for that healing trend for all of Henry's health issues. God bless little Henry and all of you with healing days.
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Mary Sandbulte
By Mary Sandbulte
Glad to hear the small improvements for Henry! We continue to pray for all of you here at GSS! Sending love and hugs your way!
Gail Deckert
By Gail
So glad there is positive news on his bladder. I hope that you all are able to get rest and care for yourselves as well as our sweet Henry!
Miriam Norris
By Miriam
Glad to hear his breathing has improved and that the clot may be going away. He's just such a little fighter. Keeping him in prayers
Mildred Walker
By Mildred Walker
It is good to hear about the smallest improvement. Building a healthy body, little by little. Still praying for Henry, daily, moments, continuously. And for you and Ryan also, Misty.
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Donna Davenport
By Donna Davenport
Hang in there Henry! (And everyone else!!) Praying every day for you!!
Connie Conklin
By Aunt Connie & Uncle Bob Conklin
Oh how I love hearing that Henry is smiling again, and even humor! I think I'd be grumpy all the time in his place. May God Bless all of you. Hoping for a good night's rest for everyone. Lotsaluv