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Henry’s Story

Welcome to Henry's CaringBridge site. I've created it to keep friends and family updated about Henry's treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

P.S. We hate cancer and hope you feel the same.

Latest Journal Update

18 Months!

Hi, friends.

We just returned from Henry's 18-month post-transplant checkup in Minneapolis. It was a great appointment and wonderful to see our BMT family again. This was a quick checkup with labs knowing that the two-year appointment in August is the "big one" checking for any sign of residual disease and various post-transplant complications. All Henry's labs look good and his team marveled at what a grown up boy he has become in the last six months.

So, while all was wonderful with our trip and checkup, Henry started to feel sick about two hours from home and it went from bad to worse by the time we returned to Sioux Falls. When we arrived, he was shaking and shivering with fever. Although it was after 8:00, our oncologist asked us to bring Henry to the hospital to be admitted. They are running various tests and cultures to determine the source of the fever and monitoring his breathing. This is part of a very frustrating cycle of hospital admissions this winter. We can't seem to keep Henry well and breathing at 100%. Since school started, we have been inpatient more than 30 days with Henry missing a massive 40 days of school. It has been a real bummer for our family, but we just keep plugging along and hoping he eventually gets on top of the pneumonia, etc. I so badly want him to be able to resume life as a normal kindergartner.


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13 Comentarios

Lynne Osborn
By Lynne
Henry, you are such a tough guy! I know you will feel better soon. I am sitting here feeling sorry for myself because my leg hurts from playing with my grandsons and then I think, I bet "Henry The Braveheart" wouldn't be pouting over a little sore like this and then I laugh and I feel better. Get well soon! I remember you in my prayers all the time because even though you don't know me, I love your mama! and your goofy grandma Carol. haha
By Love to the boys, Uncle Calvin & Aunt Nancy Semler
Have you taken the boys to see the GENTLE GIANTS, horses. SCHAEFER BLONDE BELGIANS, DRAFT HORSES, WINFRED, SD. Just outside Sioux Falls. The show is on RFD.
WE sorry for Henry's illness. I understand about having pneumonia several times last year, with September being in the hospital, On O2 at night. My lungs are damaged from anhydrous when I was working for Grandpa Ham, when I was a senior..
April Rodgers
By April
This sounds very familiar. I, too, had pneumonia many times while I took immune suppressant drugs. It's a Catch-22, isn't it? Constant vigilance (hand sanitizer) and limited stress helps
Sleep is critical. Have you tried green smoothies? I am so glad he's better.
Angie Bonnema
By Angie Bonnema
Henry, we missed you at school! I hope I get to see you soon! -Mrs. Bonnema.
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Aunt Robin
HENRY is a walking miracle. Soon he will be a "normal" walking miracle. Blessings to all.
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Valerie Koch
By Val Koch
Get better right away, Henry!!! Hugs and prayers to you and your family.
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Suzie O'Meara Hernes
By Suzie O'Meara Hernes
Glad I found your CaringBridge site! My thoughts and prayers are with you! I hope this hospital stay ends quickly and he is back feeling better.
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Charles Hiatt
We are sorry to hear of this turn of events. We will continue praying for all of you.
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Karen Ebeling
By Karen Ebeling
Glad the check-up went well but so sorry for all that your family has had to go through.
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Arnie & Mary Lou Lusch
By Arnie & Mary Lou Lusch
Henry, You are always in Mary Lou's and my thoughts and our prayers.
Get better soon.
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