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Next Week

Hi friends.

We have been working with the U of M transplant team to schedule all the appointments Henry will need prior to transplant. Our first appointment is Monday morning at 11:30 and we have 6-7 hours of appointments each day until Friday. He will have a general physical, EKG, ultrasound, lumbar puncture, chest xray, and lots of specialist consults. The good news is that Henry will be outpatient all week and we can come home next weekend.

Assuming all the tests go well, the transplant process would start early the following week. It is a very rigorous course of chemotherapy to kill all of his bone marrow and then he will receive the transplant. We expect him to get very ill from the chemo with all the usual suspects like mouth sores, nausea, fevers, etc. Not pleasant but part of the process.

So, we will need to pack for three months when we are back in town next week and plan to stay in Mini Apples for the duration. I will try to log on this next week and provide little updates on Henry's appointments.

The last round of chemo Henry had knocked out the cancer and ALL if his hair that had grown in. Check out his newly bald head in the pic!

Thank you for all your support!
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Mary Sandbulte
By Mary Sandbulte
That's a great picture of you, Henry! Keep smiling.....We are praying for you all!!!
Corey Thompson
By Corey Thompson
What a great, happy face. We'll be praying you all through the big process. Thompsons
Karen Ebeling
By Karen Ebeling
Henry - you are so cute, whether or not you have hair! I'll be praying for you!! Take good care of Mom!!!
God bless you, my buddy!
Denise Sechser
By Denise Sechser
What a handsome dude!! Thoughts and prayers heading your way. F.R.O.G. :)
Miriam Norris
By Miriam
Sounds like a very full week!! If you need time away from hospital for a little while please feel free to venture out to the burbs. I can always find something to throw on the grill. Hang in there Henry!!! Better days are ahead:)
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Jessica Hampton
By Cousin Jess
Love to
You ALL <3
Donna Davenport
By Donna Davenport
Keeping you in my prayers!
Aunt Robin
By Robin Wilcoxa
Your smile warms my heart!
"Orange" you glad you get to go to Mini Apples?
Love you all.
2 people hearted this
Brian Ham
By Brian, Nat, Em, Jameson, Viv
Great smile. Good luck next week in MN, will be thinking of you all.
Cary Migchelbrink
By Cary Migchelbrink
Sends lots of great thoughts your way! Have a safe trip to Mini Apples 😄
I love his smile. It lights up his whole face & I can hear his giggles.
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