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Mini Apples

Hi friends.

Great news! Henry's test results are back with NO evidence of leukemia - 0.0000%! We are beyond thrilled and headed to Minneapolis (or as Henry calls it, Mini Apples) for transplant. Thank you for your continued prayers - they were answered.
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Marilyn Weidenbach
By Marilyn Weidenbach
Good luck in Mini Apples!!!
Karen Ebeling
By Karen Ebeling
HENRY!!!! This is incredible news!!! I'm so excited for you!!
Julie Berndt
By Julie Berndt
What wonderful news, Misty. Safe travels to Minneapolis and my prayers continue with you on this journey with Henry.
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Shelly Cosgrove
By Shelly Cosgrove
Amen! God is good.
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Lynne Osborn
Praise the Lord! Can you see me doing a happy, happy dance? Well it's probably not the best thing to watch but it is a dance of joy!! It is such wonderful news!! Have a safe trip to Mini Apples!
Rhonda Simmons
By Rhonda Simmons
Hallelujah! The power of Prayer is amazing! Still sending them your way.... Keep fighting Henry....(and Misty) Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah !!! Safe travels!
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Val Koch
By Valerie Koch
yeeeeehaaaaaawwww! So happy for All those beautiful zeroes! Prayers are never-ending!
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Aunt Robin
By Robin Wilcoxa
Happy Dance! :)
Brian Ham
By Brian, Nat, Em, Jameson, Viv
Way to go Henry!! We are all did a little victory dance for you at the Ham house tonight.
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Corey Thompson
By Corey Thompson
We are so happy for you....praise God and bless Henry! Best wishes.... Thompsons
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