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Biopsy Update

Hi friends.

Henry's bone marrow biopsy went really well today. He had a good afternoon after the procedure and is now snoozing. We may hear some preliminary results this week but won't have final results until late this week or early next week. All we can do is hope and pray that his cancer is finally gone and we move to transplant.

I want to thank our family and friends that have been so supportive during these past six months. It takes an unbelievable number of people to make this work and we are a very lucky family to have so many in our corner. To the grandmas, grandpas, aunts, cousins, friends, coworkers, nurses, doctors, workplaces, school and daycare, we want to say thank you from the bottom of our collective hearts. You are the reason we are getting through this. xo
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Erin Osborn
By Erin Osborn
Sending positive thoughts your way for good results and that Henry can finally move to transplant after all he has been through, especially the last weeks which sounded so difficult.
Val Koch
By Valerie Koch — last edited
You are wrapped in love and prayers!
Mary Sandbulte
By Mary Sandbulte
I'm so glad to hear the procedure went well. Praying for good results!
Aunt Robin
By Robin Wilcoxa
I'm glad you live in such a wonderful community Misty! The city of Sioux Falls has been a blessing with the wonderful, warm, kind people. And of course we all love you & the boys. God bless & let's get on with the next step!
James Holcombe
By Jim and Mary Holcombe
So, so close, Henry. Our prayers won't stop. Love to you all.
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Karen Ebeling
By Karen Ebeling
Misty, we can stand by you, but you are the courageous one. You have held your head up and not given into the woe is me attitude that I could see myself taking if I was in your place. You are so brave! Love you!
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Corey Thompson
By Corey Thompson
Praise God for a good procedure completed!

We will pray for good news on the findings...and an A-Ok to move towards transplant. Thompsons
Becky Keen
By Becky Keen
Praying for good results!
Barbara Hyink
By Barbara Hyink
Hurray! One more step in the journey! Glad everything went well.
Rhonda Simmons
By Rhonda Simmons
So glad to hear he is having a better day...and a nap to boot :) as always you all are in my thoughts and Prayers