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  • 5-year Anniversary

    Written 15 hours ago

    Our dearest Heidi,

    I thought it would be nice to write another letter to you on this special anniversary.  I’m not saying this is going to be easy, but I wanted to acknowledge the milestone. 

    My goodness Heidi, it will be five years ago tonight that Dad had fireworks to honor you.  I remember wondering, that night, if you could see them from heaven.  You loved fireworks … the bigger the better.

    You always were a thrill seeker … never afraid of anything.  I remember when Dad and I took you to Las Vegas for your 21st birthday. You rode the “Big Shot” ride atop the Stratosphere, without us.  Our knees were weak while we waited, but you were in your glory strapped in this ride, a thousand feet above the ground.  Afterwards your comment was “that was lame”.  We all laughed, and your dad and I were so glad to be back on the ground, again.      

    To my surprise, even with the passage of this amount of time, your anniversary still tugs at my heart strings when it comes around each year.  It probably always will.  I take the day off from work, as it’s my “Heidi day”.  I spend it reminiscing, first with Grant’s mom over breakfast.  We talk about many memories of the past.  We laugh and cry a bit, but we always enjoy our time remembering you.  We make note of the special things in our lives that we believe you are still influencing from heaven.  We know you are watching over those you loved,and that gives us comfort.

    As for current events, your MN Twins are not doing so well.  We still have Joe Mauer.  He became a dad to twin girls last year.  Actually, the Twins play a double header today in their outdoor stadium, but the weather could be a little chilly with the snow we had last night.  Sorry to report, but this could be another long year for the Twins, Heidi.

    Your sister, Kelly, is interning at the VA Hospital in Minneapolis.  She has another year left and then she will be done.  You are her inspiration, as she strives for a career in the medical field. The VA scrubs are mandatory “purple”. She smiles and knows you pulled some strings to get her accepted there!  Haha. Your brother Ryan completed his schooling in December.  It took a bit longer but, you understand why.  He is now working in Fargo as amechanical engineer.  He is enjoying this next chapter in his life.   

    I guess this is enough for now.  You probably know all of this already. (smile)  Anyway, “Happy 5th anniversary in Heaven”, Heidi.  We will always miss you!

    Again, please keep a watchful eye on all of your crazy relatives and friends here on earth!  We love you. Thank you for the sunshine on this special day!

    Love and hugs to Heaven and back!





  • Written Apr 17, 2011 11:48pm

    Dear Heidi,


    Since it’s your two year anniversary, I thought I’d write you a little letter.  I’m not sure what other people do at this point, but this seemed like the right thing to do for me.  I haven’t written much lately, so we’ll see how this goes.  Sometimes, just putting things in writing makes it real and gives you a point of reference.  Maybe someday when I look back on this anniversary, I’ll say … “Gosh, I’m much stronger now, or much wiser, or maybe I’ll be just a little less crazy than I used to be!”   That’s my purpose … we will see.


    To begin with, I’m amazed that two years have passed, already.  It really IS hard to believe.  For months afterwards, I felt a “disconnect” from life around us…,.. it wasn’t intentional, it just happens.  You are in your own little world, trying to cope and feeling so much sadness.  It is awful!!! …  Not until you have experienced a great loss, can one truly understand the magnitude of that heartache.  We all felt that with losing you, Heidi.


    Of course, we still miss you.  But, we are not at a loss for pictures and such to remember your craziness by.  Your room is still purple and filled with your artistic ways.  We’ve been watching home movies, again, of when you kids were little.  Good times … good laughs … they are so precious.  You loved making and being in movies … we’re so glad about that!


    Your favorite MN Twins have started their second season at Target Field.  You would love that place.  Being the huge fan, I’m sure you’ve checked it out from your vantage point.  (haha)  Mom humor …


    It’s getting late, Happy 2nd anniversary in Heaven, Heidi!  Please keep a watchful eye on all of your crazy relatives and friends here on earth!  We love you and miss you!


    On this special day, full of SUNSHINE, gifts of love from family and friends adorned your grave.  A great tribute to you!


    We love you to Heaven and back,


  • Written Mar 4, 2011 11:48pm

    Our dearest Heidi ~

    We're missing you on your 24th birthday ...

    Even with the passage of time, our hearts still ache ...

    Heaven has a special angel in you!  We love and miss you very much. 



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