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Welcome to Heidi's CaringBridge site. We will be posting updates regularly and hopefully add some pictures. Make sure and leave a message for Heidi in the guestbook! Click "read story" for more.

If you haven't already heard, Heidi was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) on July 6, 2005. For more information about AML, visit here. AML is curable and the doctors are optimistic about her recovery. Heidi had been having headaches and a sore throat for a few days so she went in for a check-up at the Chaska clinic. A blood test showed that her white blood cell count was dangerously high so she was sent to Fairview Southdale in Edina for a bone marrow biopsy. The biopsy revealed the leukemia and she was admitted immediately. On Saturday, July 9 Heidi started a 7-day IV chemotherapy treatment. The treatment is going well and her white blood cell count has dropped to 200 (that's a good thing!). But because the WBC count is so low she is very susceptible to infection and will need to stay in the hospital for a few more weeks once the chemo is done. She can have visitors, but please call Mik's cell phone at 507/382-8582 first to make sure it's a good time to visit (please stay away if you're sick, though).


Mik Gusenius posted a new journal entry.

Thanks for the recent messages, I didn't think people were still checking - sorry! I'm still working full time and feeling ALMOST back to my normal self. (If I was ever ... Read more

Leah Vann signed Heidi's Guestbook.

Hey! I just saw a video on twitter about you using caringbridge! I also has AML Leukemia and I know exactly what you have been through! I totally agree, this was a great ... Read more

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Hi Heidi,  My name is Monique Vandenberg and I'm also an AML patient.  I tripped upon your site while I was reading over some of my posts.  I'm really encouraged to see ... Read more

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Hello Heidi, I know it has been a few years since your courageous battle with cancer began.  My husband and I are presently waging war with his cancer. We hope that ... Read more

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Hello there, my name is melinda was just reading ur journal, and if i may say it's a remarkable u got through ur cancer.....and let me tell u all u gotta do is ... Read more

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Hi's Kim in Las Vegas. I just was thinking of you and your family and wanted to say hello. Prayers are with you always. Read more

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Hey Heidi~ I saw you in the paper, you look very happy next to your handsome husband! Just thought I would say hi. Sorry to hear your Dad was in the hospital. Hope all is ... Read more

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Hi Heidi, Amy Springer let me know about this site and I thought I would send you my best wishes. I am glad you are finally back to work. My prayers are with you and Mik. ... Read more

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Of COURSE we're still reading and looking for updates! We hold you in our hearts, Heidi. Hope things go well with your dad's surgery. He is lucky to have you and to have ... Read more

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Hi Heidi! What a pleasure to see you and visit a bit at the gathering for Meg last Sunday! You look wonderful...with great, healthy color and an adorable hairstyle. It ... Read more

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