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Heather’s Story

Dear Family and Friends,

Heather has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  About three months ago, she found swollen lymph nodes in her neck near her collarbone.  We went to her routine physical in September.  At that time the doctor thought it may be due to the fact that she had pneumonia in August and we should keep an eye on it.  The swelling increased over the next month and another lymph node above her collarbone appeared.  From October to November, Heather has endured many tests, blood work, and biopsies in order to figure out what the cause was.  We were notified the Monday before Thanksgiving that Heather did in fact have Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Stage 2.  Over the last couple of weeks we have been preparing to start chemotherapy which began December 14, 2012. Heather has proven to be an amazingly strong young lady!  Together as a family, we are ready to help her FIGHT LIKE A GIRL.  This is our new motto for the Year 2013.  It just so happens that the signature color for Hodgkin's is PURPLE...Heather's favorite color. 

Latest Journal Update


Yesterday we heard the most wonderful news!  The doctor entered the room
and told Heather "Congratulations you are officially done with your
treatment and Cancer Free."  The doctor was amazed by what she called
Heather, "the rapid responder" patient. Heather has been such an
amazing, strong young lady.  I have been enlightened by her strength,
courage and fighting power.  The quote that I have read many times says
"You don't know how strong you are until strong is the only choice you
have!"  She remained strong and positive almost the whole time.  She has
proven to herself that she is a fighter and a winner.  She has shown
her siblings that you can prevail through the most difficult of times. 

while I know Heather did all of the hard work, our family has been
blessed in many ways.  We are blessed by the fact that she is healthy
again knowing that many others we know and love have not been able to
overcome their illnesses.  We are blessed by such supportive friends and
family who made this journey so much easier than it could be.  And
lastly, we are blessed because we get to look to the future and all of
the amazing things that Heather is going to accomplish in her lifetime
because she has been given that chance.

A very heartfelt thank
you to everyone, as a small tear runs down my cheek because to this day,
Heather will not allow me to shed a tear in front of her.  

Thank you from the Sonner Family.  We are forever grateful.