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Dear Family and Friends,

Heather has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  About three months ago, she found swollen lymph nodes in her neck near her collarbone.  We went to her routine physical in September.  At that time the doctor thought it may be due to the fact that she had pneumonia in August and we should keep an eye on it.  The swelling increased over the next month and another lymph node above her collarbone appeared.  From October to November, Heather has endured many tests, blood work, and biopsies in order to figure out what the cause was.  We were notified the Monday before Thanksgiving that Heather did in fact have Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Stage 2.  Over the last couple of weeks we have been preparing to start chemotherapy which began December 14, 2012. Heather has proven to be an amazingly strong young lady!  Together as a family, we are ready to help her FIGHT LIKE A GIRL.  This is our new motto for the Year 2013.  It just so happens that the signature color for Hodgkin's is PURPLE...Heather's favorite color. 


Maria & Paula Brundige Jones signed Heather's Guestbook.

Hi Heather, So glad to hear your therapy is working. All the Brundiges are still sending prayers and love your way. xo Maria  Read more

Linda DeLorenzo signed Heather's Guestbook.

Dear Heather,   Mom and grandma just sent me this and I was so happy to receive it. .I have kept you close to my prayers and so happy to hear you are doing well. Keep ... Read more

Shelly Sonner posted a new journal entry, "AMAZING".

Dear friends and family,Heather continues to fight like an amazing girl.  She recently started her third round of chemo on Friday.  We also received her newest petscan ... Read more

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My Dear Precious Heather, Sending you my love and want you to know that I'm thinking back to my memories of having you with Padad Frank. We had so much fun with you and ... Read more

Shelly Sonner posted a new journal entry, "FIGHT LIKE GIRL".

Heather completed her first round of chemotherapy last week.  She started her second round of treatment on Friday.  I am amazed by her ability handle all of this in ... Read more

Margie Leon signed Heather's Guestbook.

Hi Heather, Not sure if you remember us.  We met you and your family at Incarnation School several years ago and, in fact, your dad was once on the PTO Board with our ... Read more

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Hi Heather! Uncle Danny just told me about this page a few days ago, so sorry this is late, but you have been in all of our thoughts & prayers every day & at every ... Read more

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Hi Heather, We are all sending you love and prayers and know you will be happy and healthy soon! Love, Padine Patty and all the Brundiges. xoxo Read more

Shelly Sonner posted a new journal entry, "Thank You SG Elite VBC".

A special thank you to Kenji and Otto and the families from San Gabriel Elite Volleyball Club  who put on an amazing event for Heather last weekend. We can not thank the ... Read more

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