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The Eagle Has Landed

Just an uber-quick update that all’s well in P-town OH.

Harrison arrived home on Friday afternoon. The trip and transition have been fabulous. He’s doing so well, I can’t even believe his mood and attitude. He’s much less combative and a whole lot happier.

Friday night, we had a very small get-together with a few close friends and some Grapevine Pizza (Harrison's request for his first dinner home). It was so amazing to see him sitting at our kitchen table, eating with his friends. And it was just as nice to be in our own living room, talking with our friends. Robert and I were just so thankful.

It’s more work than I even imagined, though; Details on that soon.

He went for his therapy evaluations today in Lancaster and that was a huge disappointment. They’ll only see him three days a week for 30-45 minutes (speech only twice weekly).

So, now I get to fight with our insurance company to get approved for him to also go to Nationwide Children’s so he can get the five days per week that’s prescribed. Like I have time for that, right? I don’t even have time to pee (lol). But, I’m not complaining ~ I’m thankful every moment…more thankful than I’ve ever been.

Please continue to remember H in your prayers, and our family, as we all transition into our new life. Hugs to each of you for your love and support.

More soon, along with pictures : )