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Harper Marie’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Latest Journal Update

It's official! I'm off to school

Mommy and daddy went to my IEP meeting today and I'm approved for Maryland School for the Blind. It will be so much fun! I will get PT, OT, Vision therapy everyday and oral therapy to help me swallow. I'll have special Ed classes too. I'll get to go to the pool and there's a garden club! I have to be a good girl because we get report cards! We have playtime and lunch and I get to ride the bus! Me and my BFF Belvy will go 5 days a week from 830 to 1130. I'm going to start right after Easter. Thanks everyone for praying for me! I'll make sure gramma posts pictures.
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10 Comentarios

Janet Stapleton
By Janet Stapleton
Jeanne we are all thrilled!
Jeannea Adams
By Jeanne Adams
Fabulous news! Harper looks so good. I know school will help her a lot. The therapists can be incredible. Everyone must be excited.
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Jane Bowley
By Janie
How wonderful!! I know you'll get a perfect report card!
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Joanne Colligan
By Aunt Joanne
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Kathy Bock
By Kathy Bock
That is such great news ~ so happy for this opportunity for Harper!!!!!!!
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joanne shimko
By Joanne
What great news! So happy that Harper will be attending school and have so much support! God bless her and her family as they begin a new journey!
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Barbara-Ann Britten
By Barb Britten
God has answered our prayers!!!!!! Yipppppeeeee!!! God bless. Hugs to all!
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Pat Molloy
By Pat
What wonderful news!
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Susie Scoppa
By Susie Scoppa
Enjoy the adventure!
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