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I'm a mummy!

I just can't believe it! They took me out for a drive last night and I ended up all wired up in a sleep study. Really mommy and daddy another one of these things? Ever had one? They stick wires and belts and minitors all over you and say goodnight. Sleep tight. Are they kidding. I finally fell asleep at 11 pm and I aced that test! No vent the whole night and no desats or apnic events! I see the pulmonary doctor in August . I'm hoping that she will let me start the race to getting this trach out! Gramma and pop pop say they are coming to get me when I do. I hope so because by then my little sister will be around and she will be getting into my stuff and everything. Did I tell you that Bellvy and I kicked mommy and daddy out of the house for a night. Yep me and Belv hung out and partied like rockstars. Mommy and daddy had a romantic overnight. ICK! I'm feeling really good these days. I know it's all your prayers and all the kindness of my friends and family. Tonight I am grateful for a successful sleep study....mummy head and all!
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Jeanne Adams
By Jeanne Adams
Harper, I'm so proud of you. Are you going to beat Charlotte in the trach race? Her sleep study didn't go as well so she's getting her tonsils and adenoids out in August. They will also do 2 types of bronchoscopy. Then her trach should come out near the beginning of middle school. Keep working so hard!
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joanne shimko
By Joanne
Hi Harper! Sounds like you are getting stronger and stronger!! We love hearing from you so keep up the cute notes to us! Give our love and good wishes to Mom, Dad, Grandma and Pop! Love and prayers...
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Jenni Rorick
By Jenni Rorick
Thanks for sharing the good news, Janet! Harper Marie is in my heart and daily prayers and I'm delighted she's making progress!
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Carolyn Katchmar
By Carolyn Katchmar
I am so happy for you Harper! I know Gramma and Pop Pop will love to have you with them. Keep up your good work. We will keep praying for you and your family.
God Bless you!
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Barbara-Ann Britten
What a great way to get a message. It's kind of interesting to think what may be going on in her mind. I am so happy for Harper and all of you. Lets celebrate when the trach comes out!!! God is working hard for us. Love to all
Hugs Barb
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Kathy Bock
By Kathy Bock
Excellent news! So happy for you Harper!
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Susie Scoppa
By Susie Scoppa
Continued happy prayers for all of you!
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Karen Walker
By Karen Walker
Awesome! Way to go Harper!!
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