Update 7/2/14

We're hanging in there. Still trying to juggle meds, therapies and daily life. It's crazy. 

We've started trying to go for rides more often to help break Harlan's fear of the car. I thinking we are making headway although it is rather slow. 

Harlan's speech is improving daily but his motor skills are still lacking. We are hopeful with no more infusions he will be able to get ahead and stay ahead instead of having set backs ever 2-3 weeks. 

Friday I had a lengthy discussion with Harlan's oncologist. We discussed removing Harlan's port, frequency of future scans and further treatments for Harlan. As of now there is a potential for removing the port in August. Next scans will be done in September and as for further treatments- there are none. With that being said, if these lesions decide to say face and defy everything that has been done, we can not stop them. It truly is in Gods hands. If the port comes out in August and Harlan requires hospice care in the future we will have a picc line placed so that he does not need needle changes and weekly pokes. It's a very scary reality...but unfortunately one we could face. 

As for right now our goal is to get Harlan back to himself as much as possible so he can enjoy his childhood like he's suppose to. Everyday brings a new challenge, but with challenge comes hope. - Jacki

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Diana Minnick
By Diana Minnick
Still praying for little Harlan as well as Mommy and Daddy. Hopefully, Harlan will be able to start improving each day now that his infusions are over with. I know this has been just a devastating journey for all of you and pray God's healing hand upon Harlan. We know He has a plan and have to trust Him even though we don't always understand His plans.

Blessings to all of you!