Update 6/23/14

Harlan's radiation oncologist in Indiana still has to weigh in, but Harlan's home oncologist and neuro radiologist have made their call on this mornings MRI.

Harlan is stable. Harlan's head oncologist here at home wants to do tomorrows dose of avastin and stop. MD Anderson's recommendation is 6 infusions to cover 16 weeks post radiation. She also said Harlan can go to 3 month MRI's. In her words- a victory for Harlan.

Tomorrow during Harlan's infusion I will get the opportunity to view his MRI and potentially ask more detailed questions.

Please know this does not mean Harlan is out of the woods but we will absolutely take it as a win! - Jacki

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3 Replies

Cindy Cain
By Cindy
Praising God for stable, believing for NED soon!!! Continuing to pray that Harlan continues to recover from the side effects of treatment but thanking God for all of the progress he has made. Lifting you up in prayer!!!
Donna Britsch
By Donna Britsch, Tega Cay, SC
Great news...PRAISE God
Diana Minnick
By Diana Minnick
PRAISE GOD!! It does sound like a WIN! Thanks for all the updates, Jacki. I'll keep praying for you all.