Update 6/20/14

It's been a busy week for Harlan. There has been a lot of therapy- PT, OT and speech. Every day is hit or miss with what kind of mood Harlan is going to be in. For the most part he's smiling, but when he can't do something he knows he's suppose to be able to do he gets frustrated and upset.

Daily it is a struggle for all of us. For so long I personally kept saying, "like the old Harlan" or "like he used to be/do". I found that each time with me saying something like this I was falling farther and farther away from today- the day we had together. Ironically (although I don't think it is- God always speaks to us, we just have to shut up and listen) I found a quote that totally resonated with me.

"Forget what's gone, appreciate what remains and look forward to what's coming next."

My interpretation- Harlan is still here. The only things lost are things he can ultimately regain and Gods going to make sure we've got lots to look forward to.

I start out each day saying this out loud. Anytime I feel myself slipping away from the moment I say it. It's amazing how grounded this simple phrase can make me feel.

This coming week is big. Lots of stress on all of us. Monday is Harlan's 16 week post radiation MRI and Tuesday will be Harlan's 6th infusion of Avastin. We ask for many many prayers and positive thoughts for our family and especially our sweet brave boy, Harlan. - Jacki

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2 Replies

Diana Minnick
By Diana Minnick
Will be praying for Harlan's MRI tomorrow and that you receive a very good report. Praying for you and Jonathan also - for God to give you the strength, patience and positive outlook for what God is going to do in all your lives. You have all been so strong!
Cindy Cain
By Cindy
Praying for the week ahead and especially that Harlan has minimal side effects. Believing for good news regarding the MRI.