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Hannah’s Story

Thanks for stopping by

This website has been created to keep family and friends updated on Hannah,her Sisters and yes even her Brother.Hannah is a 5 year cancer survivor of Retinoblastoma a rare cancer of the eye she also has Hypogammaglobulinemia that requires weekly IVIG therapy.Thanks for stopping by hope you can sign in and say "HELLO" to Hannah

Latest Journal Update


Things are going great at the Padgett household! I really have nothing to report Hannah is very healthy VERY. In fact I had been very sick for 3 weeks and Hannah did not catch what I had Thank you God!

As scared as I was for Hannah to go off IVIG I want to tell you God has done a miracle . Hannah has never been this healthy never. It's AWESOME, the only Doc. visit she has been to was for a flu shot.

We still need to pray her through the winter the Doc's worry about the winter months . I'll probably keep this page until after Christmas and if all is still well we will most likley go to a family blog of some sort.

We will how ever keep up with our caringbridge friends we have many of them and we love you all.

I also want to report a praise one of the caringbridge kids we were praying for Matthew his tumor was benign!!! Prasie God..Thank you for praying for Matthew.

That's about all keep Praying please!!!