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A Time of Thankfulness...

I know that it has been more than a while since we updated our CB page.  Our CB was such an integral part of our lives for so long to be able to share, vent, ask prayer requests, and allow everyone who followed Hannah Grace's story to let you know how we were doing.  Once Hannah Grace was no longer with us in this earthly body it took so much for me to even gather the strength to look at these pages.  I do from time to time go back and read random updates from various stages in our journey.  As I look back it does remind me of the good times and the bad times.  It also serves as a reminder of what a blessing that will always be a part of our lives.  Hannah Grace may not be with us physically, but she will always be a dear part of our hearts.

Thank you for the prayers for my dad back in June.  He was having some really dizzy spells and a CT scan revealed a 2 cm tumor on the frontal lobe of his brain.  After a successful tumor resection it was found that the tumor was benign.  He is doing great now after some sinus repair surgery and is getting back to his old self.  He can't drive yet, but he is getting ready for hunting season and still preaching every Sunday.

As for our family I started working again full time in April and Marci is still teaching.  Chandler is in K-3 at a school here in Ashford and is doing great.  Never does a holiday come close such as Thanksgiving or Christmas just around the corner that doesn't have a painful side with our family still having such a void it in without Hannah Grace.  With that being said this Thanksgiving we have something a bit more to be thankful for.  Marci and I are expecting our third child and we just found out this past Monday that it is going to be a little girl.  So this coming April we will have a new addition to our home by the name of Madalynn Rachel.  We are so very excited and thankful for this awesome blessing God has given us.

We pray for an easy pregnancy and a healthy little girl.  We have talked about it and either way we would have been blessed with either a boy or a girl.  I know in no way will this baby every take the place of our precious Hannah Grace, but I look so forward to meeting Madalynn and telling her so many stories about her big sister.  Hannah Grace taught us so many lessons about life, love, and how to enjoy every moment.  Not only am I thankful for the life that we are expecting next year; I am also thankful for the life we still cherish that Hannah Grace brought to us.

I will definitely keep everyone updated on how things are going and post pictures of our precious newborn once she is born.  Thank you for your support and prayers over the past few years.   We love each and every one of you.

In Him,

Jarrod, Marci, and Chandler