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Thank you for all your kind words in our guestbook, e-mails, and calls we still receive from the family of individuals we have met since Hannah Grace started her journey with cancer a little over 3 years ago.  Our world has changed so significantly over the last year adjusting to the rest of our lives here on this earth without Hannah Grace, but every day we live is one day closer that we will be reunited with the precious gift God gave us.

This weekend was a tough one for our family.  Of course with the upcoming one year anniversary of Hannah Grace passing away is constantly on our minds, but yet again our lives were thrown into chaos with one phone call on Saturday.  A bit of a backstory it was 5 years ago our family experienced the loss of Marci's stepfather to a brain tumor, then our 3 year battle with cancer through Hannah Grace.  To say that cancer has not been kind to our family is an understatement.  Thursday night my dad had to be rushed to the emergency room with vomiting and severe vertigo.  In the early hours of the morning the doctor ordered a CT scan which led to more tests on Friday.  I don't think I have to lead into this, but they found a 2cm mass on the frontal lobe of his brain.  To say we were devastated is an understatement.  Just as our lives have adjusted to some sense of normalcy outside of this cancer world it felt like we were being drug back in kicking and screaming.

The weekend was one of waiting on test results to find out if the tumor was a primary tumor or metastatic disease from another area of the body.  Answers wouldn't be known immediately and so the waiting game that we are used to began to tick seconds away on the clock that sometimes felt like days.  On Monday we did find out that no other disease was present on the scans so the tumor was a primary location and surgery is scheduled for Wednesday.  We met with the doctor today to find out that the tumor does appear to be benign.  We are thankful for those words and the doctor does say that there is a 10% chance that it would be malignant, but we are believing for a benign tumor with complete resection.

The neurosurgeon is optimistic and pleased with the scans of the tumor.  It is located in the right frontal lobe, but is growing from the lining of the brain and not located in the brain itself.  My dad's spirits are high and is standing on his strong faith knowing he is in the hands of the Creator.  I am thankful for the father God has blessed me with and have learned so much from him in my lifetime.  We were relieved to receive the news we did today, but still need prayer that the surgery would go well with no complications.  The surgery will start in the morning at 9 am.  If all goes well with recovery my dad should be going on Friday.

Cancer is a word that has shaken our family more than once, but has not shaken our faith.  The grace and love we have experienced through our experiences with cancer only strengthen us.  It is not a path that we would choose or want anyone to walk, but we are thankful for the peace and comfort that God has given us to walk this journey.  Please keep my father Benny in your prayers in the coming days that recovery would be swift and complications a minimum.  Thank you in advance for all your prayers.

We did have to postpone our Fashion Show we had planned for this weekend to travel to Mobile for my dad's surgery and we will reschedule this at a later date.  Also coming up August 2nd at the Wiregrass Commons Mall we will have a carnival for Hannah's Gifts of Hope with all proceeds going directly to the foundation to help families in the Wiregrass area that are being affected by cancer.  We will have more details coming soon.

In Him,

Jarrod, Marci, and Chandler