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The season that we are in brings much heartache with each day that passes.  Holidays are times that families use to spend time together and make memories.  We face this holiday season remembering fondly the years that we spent with Hannah Grace, but facing each day with a void in our home, in our hearts, and in our lives.  Grief is something that we carry daily.  Time truly does heal all wounds, but the overwhelming sense of our lives continuing without our precious daughter is sometimes more than we can bear.

Being a parent of a child with a life threatening illness is a life that no one should have to live.  In the back of your mind you always know that the reality in which we live is a possibility.  You push back those emotions and fight with everything that you are to save the life of your child.  So many times I have said that if it were me I don't know if I would have fought as hard as I saw my daughter fight. 

I am sorry for the lack of updates over the past few months, but in reality most days we just don't know what to say.  Over Thanksgiving we were able to go back to Children's Hospital and serve lunch to the families that were on 4 Tower as well as several other floors at the hospital.  It was good to see families and friends we had not seen in several months, but was a bittersweet time.  Walking across the crosswalk at Children's going back to our car with only Marci and myself was a hard thing to do.  During treatment you always looked forward to that walk because it meant going home, it meant time away from the hospital, and if only for a few days it meant some sense of normality.  This time walking across I could only think about going home to only face what our new normal is.

We have been busy with the foundation and putting focus on helping other families that are still in this fight.  Some people don't understand why we are doing this, but for us it is the only thing that we can do to honor the life that Hannah Grace lived.  We want to share the love and joy that she brought into our lives by helping other families.  We hope to have some of the items that we have to sell up on the website soon.  Marci designed a calendar titled "Children of Hope" that is a 2011 calendar featuring Hannah Grace and friends we have met during this journey.  We should have more information soon on how to get one of these.

Tomorrow is also a very special day.  Five years ago tomorrow our family changed forever with the birth of Hannah Grace.  We know that it will hold its own challenges, but we are still so very thankful for the blessings that she brought to our family.  If anyone in the area is available and would like to join us we will have a balloon release in honor of Hannah Grace tomorrow at 4 p.m. at Ashford Academy.  Someone donated a fountain of a little girl to Ashford Academy and the statue will be in memory of Hannah Grace.  Last August Hannah Grace started pre-school at Ashford Academy and we were so blessed to be a part of that school.  Please consider coming and joining us to remember Hannah Grace's birthday.

Our faith has not been lost, but has been challenged.  We know that God had (as still has) a purpose for the life that Hannah Grace lived.  Our daily walk most days is to just make it through another day.  The landscape of our lives has been eternally changed all because of a special little girl who came into this world 5 years ago tomorrow.  Our prayer is the lives that were touched and continue to be touched by her life would point to the God that gave her to us.  The courage in which she lived live, the joy she brought to others, and the love she instilled in us is something that will never be forgotten.  Please continue to pray for our family and all the other families that are continuing on this journey of childhood cancer.

Be blessed this Christmas Season...

In Him,

Jarrod, Marci, and Chandler