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By — Jun 7, 2012 11:16pm
 I was wondering how you were doing and now I know. I wish it were easier but it just isn't. But like you, I am glad that Hal is in a better place but know you miss him horribly. You were strong for so long and were there for him through the thick and the thin and know what it means to be there through the worst. But the one thing you did have with Hal was love that was so great and you were so lucky to find that! I know so many people who search for that kind of love and never find it, so know you are one of the lucky ones. But that doesn't make your loss any less painful and know that you ARE in my thoughts and prayers. And I will definitely keep you in my prayers as you search for a new direction and path. Know that God never leaves your side during these dark dark days and will help you along the new path you take.
Take care my young friend, Gayla C