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Hailey’s Story

Hailey was born on September 14, 2005 with 3 congenital heart defects, Coarctaton of the Aorta, VSD and Aortic Stenosis.  She has had an OHS in 9/2005, a cath 10/2005, a cath 1/2009, OHS 5/2009, a cath 4/2013 and most recently had a two valve replacement via the Ross Procedure on 8/5/2014.

Latest Journal Update

Cardiology Appt + Good Report = Lots of Giggles

First, let me start by saying the appointment did not start off with giggles.  After arriving 5 minutes late due to a flashing traffic light and 270 traffic I put my car in park!  I was finally there, whew .... until I heard "I FORGOT BAIBAI".  BaiBai is her stuffed cat that has been through everything with her and she cannot live without this thing.  After about 15 minutes of crying, red cheeks, watery eyes she gained control of herself and we focused on the appointment.

The news is good.  Hailey's heart function after the Ross is great!  Dr. Goel confirmed that she does feel better than surgery like she stated a few weeks after her surgery.  The only reason we are returning every 6 month is to make sure her pulmonary valve does not calcify because if it does it's usually in the first year. Her pulmonary valve shows slight calcification which is typical for a Ross procedure kiddo.  The aortic valve is doing wonderful!  At this point I was jumping for joy inside and trying not to show it!!  She is back to no restrictions and we are off daily meds again!  The medicine thing was the icing on her cake yesterday ... that and they allowed her to return not in 6 months, aka September her bday month, but 7 months so she does not have to go to the dreaded cardiologist in her birthday month.  Truth is our return time was 6-8 months so she isn't really winning much but it is the small things.

While we were at the appt. my mom was cutting potatoes and came across this a heart shaped potato.  She didn't have the heart to cut it and said that it was a sign ... I think she was right!  Someone in heaven was watching over us and wanted to drop us a sign.  <3

As always thanks for the many prayers that you all send above for my sweet girl.  Without her fan club this journey would be lonely.  Much love!

The Norman Family

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Dorothy Rodenberg
By Willie and Dorothy
Way to go Ms Hailey! You're just a little tuffie! And I just know you are going to grow up and do great things--love you Sweetie!
Janet Berry
By Janet Berry
Thank you, God! WOO HOO :)
Continued love and prayers.
{{Heart Hugs}},
Janet, Tim, Amy and ^Gus^
Cari May
By The May Family
Wonderful news, Miss Hailey Jane! Miss you much and love you lots! <3
Stacy Lenzner
By Stacy Lenzner
Great news Heather!! So glad she is doing so well.
Brenda Norman
By Grandma Brenda
Our sweet Granddaughter, we are so, so happy to hear the great news that your little heart is doing so well! Bless your heart and Thank God for watching over you. Love, Grandma Brenda and Grandpa Bubby.