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Mi historia

Gwynn was diagnosed with Churg Strauss vasculitis In March of this year. She is currently receiving chemotherapy and high doses of steroids in hopes to put the disease into remission. Churg Strauss is a very rare disease and is incredibly rare in children.

Since being diagnosed Gwynn has been treated with several chemotherapy medications and large amounts of steroids in hopes of putting the disease in remission. Despite aggressive treatment Gwynn's disease is still not under control. We have begun to exhaust treatment options and Gwynn's doctor based on advice from a specialist at the Cleveland Clinic is currently requesting the insurance company allow us to treat Gwynn with Orencia which to date has never been used to treat Churg Strauss.



gwyneth larson posted a new journal entry.

Good News!!I spoke to our insurance company and as long as Gwynn receives the medication inpatient, which the infusion clinic in the Oncology clinic is considered then the ... Lea más

Addie Mucha signed Gwyneth's Guestbook.

Sending prayers your way.  We miss you at school.  Hoping you get over this "bump in the road" so you can join us soon.  Lea más

gwyneth larson posted a new journal entry, "The next battle".

Gwynn did end up going home the day I updated last, she had a headache and neck ache before we left the hospital which ended up turning into what was most likely a Viral ... Lea más

Jan Fitzpatrick signed Gwyneth's Guestbook.

Evening Gwyneth and SarahWas nice to see your update now that I'm not at school.  Think of your family often and want to remind you if I can be of any help just let me ... Lea más

Pam Henry-Neaton signed Gwyneth's Guestbook.

Sarah and the Larsons, you are doing the best you can do right now and don't let anyone or anything tell or make you feel different.  just remember to take care of ... Lea más

gwyneth larson posted a new journal entry, "Being the Duck".

So when I am training servers in at our restaurant one of the first things I tell them is how to be the duck. I know it sounds silly but it is a great analogy for a ... Lea más

gwyneth larson added a new photo.

gwyneth larson posted a new journal entry, "Maybe a Small hill".

Gwynn got out of the hospital last Wednesday after receiving another infusion on Tuesday, we went home to "wait it out" to see if she would feel better. She ... Lea más

gwyneth larson posted a new journal entry, "Bump in the Road".

Well we have hit a bump in the road. Gwynn has been ill for a couple of weeks and after it failed to resolve she was admitted to the hospital last Wednesday, we are still ... Lea más

gwyneth larson posted a new journal entry, "NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS!".

I can't believe it has been so long since I updated. Gwynn is doing SO WELL! I can't believe how blessed we are! The Orencia is keeping her disease in remission!!  She ... Lea más

gwyneth larson posted a new journal entry.

I just  got done feeding Kilian and thought now might be a good time to sneak in an update. The wheelchair finally came Thursday night and Gwynn was able to go back to ... Lea más

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