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Being the Duck

So when I am training servers in at our restaurant one of the first things I tell them is how to be the duck. I know it sounds silly but it is a great analogy for a server. Serving as those of you who have done it know, is a very difficult job. I tell you this from experience not only because I have been a server but because I have had many other jobs. I was a linguist in the army(Persian Farsi), I was a sales rep, a customer service rep, a Registered Nurse, a restaurant owner, and various other titles and I can tell you that being a server is one of the most challenging things I have ever done. So when I am training new servers I often tell them this analogy. The duck appears to glide effortlessly upon the surface of the lake, but under the water it's little legs are paddling vigorously to keep it afloat. This analogy is not only true in the restaurant where you have to juggle so many things at once it may seem impossible but it also fits for the constant roller coaster Gwynn and our family are on. What a ride this roller coaster of life has given us. I am sorry it has been so long since I updated but things change so quickly that just when I think I should post we are pulled a new direction and I wait to see what will happen. 

Gwynn is doing well, well being a relative term. She is currently admitted at Children's because she has RSV, A virus that in most adults and older children is nothing more than a cold, but unfortunately for babies and those with weakened immune systems can be very serious. The good news is that after a few days of large does of IV steroid, and continuous nebulizer treatments she is stable enough to most likely go home today. She will hopefully be breathing well by next week and feeling better. 

That being said we have not been able to get control of her Churg Strauss since October and can't seem to keep her healthy for longer than a week. As of a couple days ago her stomach hurts so bad when she eats that she isn't able to finish her whole meal. Something she hasn't experienced since before the Orencia became our miracle drug. Her lungs have also worsened over the last few months and she gets winded going up the stairs. She has sharp shooting pains throughout her body and is tired a great deal of the time.She has frequent viral illnesses and never seems to be feeling freat. It is a very frustrating thing. We have tried shortening the times before treatments and that did nothing to improve her condition, we at one point were giving her treatments every week but it isn't working and the increased risk of infection isn't worth it if she isn't showing improvement. We have discussed adding another medication or maybe going back to steroids however these steroids have had such a terrible impact on her body that the idea of it scares her and me and most of her physicians. We are stuck in a pattern of just trying to get by day to day, having her at school as often as we can and hoping that it will pass and the Orencia will work again. She is going to four hour days (all the main classes) Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social but it is a challenge with all her appts, treatments, illnesses to keep her there with any regularity. We are giving it our best shot because she really wants to be at school with her friends. 
Of course the restaurant has been undergoing big changes too, we moved Fat Matt's into the cafe and are preparing to remodel the dining room amongst other exciting challenges and I am still working one day a week as an RN as well. Aiden is wrestling and took second place at his last tournament, Brooke and Gwynn are dancing, Gwynn is involved with two church groups and Aiden is also getting involved. We just keep trying to juggle it all, my house is a disaster, I feel like we live in constant chaos hoping that this will be the year we get it all under control. Until then we will just keep being the duck:)