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Bump in the Road

Well we have hit a bump in the road. Gwynn has been ill for a couple of weeks and after it failed to resolve she was admitted to the hospital last Wednesday, we are still here. On Friday she had a scope to take biopsies of her GI Tract to see if her disease is active. The results came back yesterday and they found some eosinophils indicating some disease activity. Her Eosinophil count is also somewhat more elevated than it has been since she went into remission.Dr. Laplant has advised that we can increase the frequency of her treatments to see if that will calm the activity down and put her back into remission. I have faith as well as she has done on this medication that it will work. Today after an MRI she will receive another infusion to see if that helps to put her disease back in a remission. I have faith this is just a bump in the road on the way to a healthy Gwynn. Please keep her in your prayers that she is out of pain and back at school soon.